ISO Accreditation Basics for Testing Labs

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Written by Jaymie Giordano

ISO Accreditation is showing what standardization in measurement can do for you.

From a lab perspective, credibility in the cannabis industry is quite possibly the most important aspect of relationship formation and recognition. From a client perspective, the ability to rely on a lab is imperative. From a consumer perspective, knowing that the purchased product has been tested with accuracy is a definite make-or-break.  What can labs do to convey to clients and customers that their equipment is genuinely accurate with so many pressures? This is where ISO accreditation comes in.

First, let’s look at why an organization may come to an outside lab for testing services. In the cannabis industry, it is required for each batch of product to be tested for a plethora of components before they can be released for sale. These tests usually include panels for nutritional value, microbial, and medication potency.

iso accreditation

For most labs dealing with these tests, it may be worthwhile to look into ISO accreditation. Accreditation through the International Organization for Standardization offers a wide array of benefits. An ISO accredited lab has benefits worth mentioning. ISO accreditation means increased accuracy for equipment, international recognition via an online registry, reduced waste due to error, defect prevention and increased accuracy through frequent equipment testing, and cost savings.

Labs interested in becoming ISO accredited may want to delve a little deeper into the different types of accreditation. For labs that seek to standardize equipment efficiency, ISO 17025 is the option best suited. ISO 17025 measures competency of a lab, ensuring that the equipment in the lab is efficient, safe, and accurate. ISO 9001, on the other hand, measures management support, procedures, internal audits, and corrective action plans, essentially providing the framework for existing and continuing quality. Basically, ISO 17025 is the accreditation and ISO 9001 is the certification. Labs in search of accreditation will want to start the process for ISO 17025, as 9001 may not be necessary.

iso accreditation

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