Karla Avila

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Karla Avila has been celebrated for her accolades in the worlds of fine cannabis, regenerative agriculture, and the musical arts. She is both an international award-winning concert musician and multi Emerald Cup award-winning cannabis farmer and breeder, a dedicated teacher of artistic process and performance, traditional farming practices, permaculture and closed-loop Regenerative farming systems, and co-author of The Flowerdaze Farm Regenerative Guide to Cannabis, a season-long recipe book for the beyond-organic gardener.   Together with her husband Jacob Johnson, she owns and operates Flowerdaze Farm, a family farm and homestead committed to the preservation of natural farming traditions from around the globe, and specializing in regeneratively-grown, artisanal cannabis. Nestled in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, in an idyllic and remote valley along the South Fork of the Trinity River, Flowerdaze Farm’s goal is to showcase their distinctive terroir by maintaining an interconnected farm organism that creates abundance via closed loop, sustainable systems of fertility, utilizing only hyper local and onsite resources. By hand crafting everything that nurtures and feeds their gardens and native soils with the abundance of their locality, a singularly unique representation of Place is achieved in the experience of tasting their exceptional, one-of-a-kind flowers.