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Know Your Farmer

Written by Grow sisters

Ask the right questions when buying cannabis.

The conscious consumer revolution is upon us! Increasingly, people are supporting organic, local foods. The consumer wants to know their farmer. Times are changing people! The Farm to Table motto is back and the same seems to hold for cannabis.  If we are going to call this a medication we need to start looking into the source.

Purchasing cannabis is quite a bit different than walking into your local health food store and looking for the USDA Organic certification on your produce. There is no organic certification for this industry just yet! So question the  ‘budtender’ at your local dispensary as if you were purchasing salad from a farmers market.

  • Is this organic?
  • What farm is this from?
  • Can you tell me anything about how or where this was grown?

These questions are very important. Not just for your health but for the sustainability of the Planet.

cannabisThe majority of distribution happens in metropolitan areas where a product is most likely indoor. Dispensaries in these areas advise their budtenders to sell what they can easily get in their geographic location.  In my opinion, indoor growing practices are not a sustainable way of cultivating this beautiful plant. Nothing will ever create a happier plant than the light from the sun and the nutrients from the earth and rain.

So, Support Your local Organic farmer. There is no more important time than now to start living and educating on sustainability.

This post was written by Siobhan Darwish, one of two amazing second generation growers that can be found on Instagram @grow.sisters and on their YouTube Channel.

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Grow sisters

The Grow Sisters are made up of two sisters, Siobhan and Sloan. We own and operate Blessed Coast Farms, Humboldt Counties first legal cannabis farm, and we are second generation farmers. We are honored to share our life, instructional YouTube videos and our knowledge with you!

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