Kush Bottles Creates Innovative Packaging

Written by Cara Wietstock

Popular Southern California based standing supplier of packaging, accessories, and branding solutions Kush Bottles recently reached an agreement with CannaKorp™ to develop packaging for their single-use, pod based vaporizing system. The pod was crafted to always bring consistent, precise effects guided by a philosophy of social and environmental responsibility.

Nicholas Kovacevich, Chief Executive Officer of Kush Bottles, commented, “CannaKorp is one of the most innovative companies in the legal cannabis industry and we are proud to provide packaging solutions for this ground-breaking system. We look forward to working with them as they grow and roll-out products nationwide.”

CannaKorp is led by several former executives from Keurig which is one reason that this product is being referred to as ‘the Keurig of cannabis’. Each pod is filled with cannabis and other synergistic herbs. With this formulation in place, Kush Bottles stepped in and designed specialized FDA approved packaging that is child resistant, custom branded and built to comply with each and every state. The product, designed to also be produced at scale, is being called the “cPod Tower”.

James Winokur, Co-Founder and CEO of CannaKorp, commented, “We partnered with Kush Bottles to develop the ‘cPod Tower’ because their expertise in developing customized child-resistant, FDA-compliant packaging, combined with their large manufacturing capabilities, were ideally-suited to accommodate our ambitious growth plans.”

This innovation follows the announcement of Kush Bottles’ entry into the terpene market with their newer terpene shop Terps on Terps. Just another way that they’re helping North America fill the bottles. CannaKorp has rolled out their launch plan which will bring the CannaCloud system to multiple cities from the United States to Canada.

In July the company announced their distribution partnership with MedReLeaf Corp., Canada’s first ISO 9001 and ICH-GMP certified producer of cannabis-based pharmaceutical products. Keep posted on their website for future distribution announcements.

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