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Looking for Live Resin Terpenes – Check Out Peak Supply Company

Written by Christina Major

Today, we’re looking at Peak Supply Company, the first US company to offer full spectrum live terpenes/live terpene resin, hemp-derived terpenes, botanical strain profiles, and sweet strains all under one roof. What sets Peak Supply apart from other hemp and cannabis companies is it is really two companies wrapped into a multi-faceted all in one solution for other cannabis, hemp, CBD and Delta 8 brands. While you can buy all Peak products from the Peak Supply Co stores Peak Terpenes is a terpene-only company that focuses solely on the art of cannabis aroma formulation and mouthwatering chef inspired flavors.

Peak Supply has two brick-and-mortar locations in Los Angeles and Sacramento California, plus the ability to order online from anywhere in the US or internationally. For distributors and brands alike, they are a full-service supply company offering everything from exotic custom packaging and design services to vape hardware and terpenes. They were also the first to launch water-soluble terpenes, primarily used by beer, wine, and spirits companies, as well as food and beverage brands.


What are Live Resin Terpenes and Why Does Peak Supply Use Them??

Full Spectrum Live Terpenes, aka Live Resin Terpenes, refers to essential oils extracted from cannabis or hemp while the plant is still living or extracted from fresh frozen plants. Full-spectrum live terpene products are extracted from the most popular exotic strains sourced locally in the California mountains.

Many terpenes are extracted from already-harvested plants, and many fragile terpenes are dissipated or destroyed when exposed to time, oxygen, and heat. However, live plant or flash-frozen materials retain their 100+ aromatic compounds at a much higher rate and purity. They take a full-plant approach to extraction in order to maximize the harvesting of beneficial aromatic cannabis oils. Moreover, some compounds like cannaflavin, can only be extracted from cannabis plants. There simply isn’t a botanical substitute for the aromatic chemical makeup that makes cannabis such a unique plant. The proprietary extraction process used for Peak Terpenes produces a full spectrum aroma and flavor product with 0% Delta 9 THC.

Using real cannabis makes Peak Supply Co’s live terpene line different from competitors. Most companies use widely available and cheap hemp biomass to create their products, while Peak Supply Co uses real cannabis true to strain. But there is more.


Most vape/concentrate manufacturers follow the industry standard of using a 10% terpene dilution ratio. However, these live terpenes pack a noticeably heavier punch than botanical terpenes, allowing manufacturers to use a lower dilution percentage which helps to offset the cost of using a premium terpene product.

In the current macro-economic climate operation cost reduction is becoming increasingly important to companies across the board. Companies need to stay focused on their bottom lines and they need to do it without sacrificing quality. Peak Supply Co has always and will continue to deliver unbeatable pricing across all terpene product lines. The cost savings of using premium-quality live resin terpenes give consumers a better tasting top-shelf product for an affordable price. And for distributors – those cost savings are increased when purchasing in bulk.

Higher quality terpenes means a safe and consistent product. Each live resin terpene profile also comes with a COA to ensure that no unwanted contaminates make it into your end product. Live terpenes are more potent, allowing you to use lower concentrations to achieve the same results. It is important to mention that you should always use caution when formulating. A lower percentage of terpenes added means a lower chance of unintentional interactions. You can always add more if needed.

While all terpenes are considered mild mental alteratives, they do not get you ‘high.’ Most help to promote calmness and relaxation, and only to a minor degree. It is only when you combine terpenes with cannabinoids that you get the “entourage effect” which is the result of terpenes and cannabinoids working synergistically to deliver a potent and effects driven ‘high.’

The Full Spectrum Live Terpene line contains a full spectrum of terpenes, flavonoids, thiols, and other elusive aromatic and beneficial compounds. Thiols are what give cannabis plants, especially OG phenotypes, their distinctly heavy “gassy” aroma. This scent cannot be replicated with terpenes alone. Thiols are in a completely different chemical class than terpenes, which is why so many other companies’ products fall short on aroma profile matching. You cannot get a true cannabis aroma from hemp and you certainly cannot get there with terpenes alone.



Peak Supply Co provides a line of products unlike any other terpene brand on the market and is best suited for those with premium tastes. Full-spectrum terpenes are responsible for many of the aromas, flavors and effects produced by your favorite strains. With Peak’s Full Spectrum Live Resin line, you get just that.

For more information about Peak Supply Supply Company, visit their website at: https://www.peaksupplyco.com/


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