Marijuana Harvest Book Review

cannabis cultivation
Written by Cara Wietstock

The latest work from Ed Rosenthal just in time for harvest season.

Anyone with any clout in the cannabis industry recognizes the name, Ed Rosenthal. He was one of the first to offer advice in his ‘Ask Ed’ column for High Times Magazine and he still continues educating us on the best cultivation practices. Now, right in time for harvest season, he brings us a new book explaining exactly how the best farmers do it. From the ins-and-outs of chopping down stalks to the extraction methods many growers use, they truly cover the entire spectrum of what happens to cannabis flowers once they’re fully developed. With his new book, Marijuana Harvest Rosenthal once again collaborates with David Downs, Cannabis Editor for the San Francisco Chronicle.

cannabis cultivation

Alien Hubba Photo By Doobie Duck

Previous books from Ed include his classic Grower’s Handbook, which famously takes us through the journey of the plant’s entire life cycle. This edition in his series of educational books is all about maximizing the quality and yield in the garden through proper harvest techniques. From harvesting to flushing, ripening to curing; Rosenthal and Downs have traveled to farms across the globe learning exactly how the best cannabis is treated after the growing cycle is complete.

What tools work best in which phases, what machines are worth their weight, what methods turn into the best-cured flower; readers will be enlightened with this and more. One very memorable part of the book is the photography which gives readers a high-resolution look right into a cannabis farm. A world that for many years has been concealed in a shroud of mystery.

In the final chapter, ‘After the Harvest’, Rosenthal and Downs touch lightly on how cannabis can be manufactured into other products after harvest and curing are complete. This small but important chapter discusses concentrates like kief and hash as well as more in-depth extractions like BHO. It even discusses decarboxylation, always a hot topic among those interested in working with the plant in processing. This cannabis cultivation book truly has a lot to offer the community.

cannabis cultivation

BHOGard Extractor by Darcy Thompson

It was a delightful read as it was equally informative as it was visually pleasing, we would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in cannabis cultivation. Getting the most out of our bud doesn’t stop with the growth cycle, flowers must be treated with care until the moment they’re sold over the counter. Thankfully, Rosenthal and Downs have made this book available just in time to show us just how important harvest can be.

Marijuana Harvest will surely be a must-have on the shelves of cultivators and enthusiasts right next to their Jorge Cervantes anthology for years to come.

Cover Photo is Swami Select Flower, Photo By David Downs

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