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HelloMD Providing Services To New York Patients

medical cannabis
Written by Cara Wietstock

HelloMD made a public announcement announcing that their telemedicine services are available to the medical cannabis patients in New York.

Online cannabis doctor and active medical cannabis community HelloMD was exclusive to California medical cannabis patients until last week when they announced their expansion. This interactive, turnkey service gives users guidance through the whole process of becoming a patient. Currently, they’re boasting 150,000 total users on their platform. With HelloMD, medical cannabis consumers are able to consult with a doctor via real-time video. They can also get advice from a network of medical professionals and research which cannabis products would be right for them.  

medical cannabis
Bringing these services to the state of New York might provide the patients in the state with safe access to their medicinal cannabis. New York lawmakers voted in legal cannabis for patients in 2014, but the bill wasn’t signed into law until June 2017. Despite the law taking effect January 6, only a small number of very serious qualifying conditions allow New Yorkers to get their medical cannabis prescription.

Many cannabis activists and policy experts believe that this is an effort from New York Lawmakers to ensure that people aren’t using medical cannabis as a means to use the products recreationally. The introduction of HelloMD will make doctor visits more accessible for patients that could benefit from medical cannabis in the state but are confused as to where to start in the process of becoming a legal patient.


Mark Hadfield, Co-Founder and CEO of HelloMD adds, “With the extension of HelloMD’s services into New York State, we are providing enhanced patient access and experience with highly qualified physicians to all New Yorker’s with a qualifying condition, all within the comfort and privacy of the patient’s home.”


Recently, HelloMD also announced the opening of their Product Marketplace. The brick and mortar shopping destination exists to assist HelloMD members in getting the right products from leading retailers. This seems to be the last piece in helping cannabis patients through the entire journey from the doctor’s office to the dispensary. This introduction into the New York market combined with the opening of their Product Marketplace HelloMD is trying to cater directly to the patients.

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