Meet THC-A crystalline, the purest hash…

What’s white, crystalline, and goes for $200 a gram in California dispensaries? The answer is the newest craze taking the cannabis concentrates world by storm. Meet THC-A Crystalline, the purest hash on the planet.

In fact, THC-A Crystalline is believed to be the purest form of a concentrate that’s scientifically able to be made. And that means its THC content is an incredible 99.9%, pure THC.

Pure THC-A Crystalline Structure

While most other cannabis concentrates range in the vicinity of 50 to 80% THC (that’s still incredibly potent). Especially when you consider that the strongest marijuana flower is between 25-30% THC.
Ice hash, rosin, and butane hash oil (or BHO) are the usual suspects when it comes to cannabis concentrates. And they have steadily gained in popularity amongst medical and recreational consumers since legalization.
“Dabbing,” the process of vaporizing and inhaling marijuana concentrates, is a verifiable trend. Dabbing culture has spawned entire sub-markets of specially designed dab rigs, devices, and concentrate variations.

It’s partly the wide variety of concentrates that attracts many cannabis consumers looking to try something new. Concentrates can be anything from glassy and brittle like shatter, to oily and crumbly like wax.

These variations happen because of the process of making concentrates. Various solvents like butane and other alcohols extract THC from cannabis, and the process of removing the chemical solvent creates the different textures.

But Crystalline is something entirely different. Because the process of creating it completely removes any of the chemical solvents, the result is a crystal “rock.”

The structure looks very much like much harder drugs like meth. And the comparison isn’t too far off. Critics are right that Crystalline is a pure hash that looks meth-like, but they may be too quick to judge this superficial resemblance.

Pure THC just naturally has a crystal structure. And when it comes to administering the most effective doses of medical cannabis, pure THC is the ideal.

Without any other chemicals, solvents, or impurities, Crystalline can become a compelling medical option for patients suffering from diseases treatable with marijuana.

And for recreational users, the high seems to be pure, elevated, and focused.

So What Is THC-A Crystalline, Anyway?

Most people who know about marijuana know that THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid that creates pots cerebral and bodily sensations. The “A” tagged onto the end stands for “acid,” which is the state of THC in its “raw” form.

What all this means is that users can’t simply eat Crystalline and expect anything to happen. The raw acidic crystals need to be combusted and activated, like all other cannabis concentrates. Preferably, with a dab rig.

The Latest Out Of San Francisco

California is the nation’s nexus for pot innovation, so it perhaps comes as little surprise that Crystalline is the brain-child of Guild Extracts, an extraction company out of the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

They are the reigning leaders of concentrate production in the U.S. Understandably; their extraction process is top secret, but Guild Extracts ensures that they use no solvents like butane to create their hash.

The one drawback for some people about concentrates is the complete lack of flavor. Remove the “terpenes” that give marijuana buds their distinct aromas and tastes, and you end up with flavorless THC.

That’s why many concentrate companies use a method that involves “dipping” the product into terpene extracts from the most flavorful strains of the cannabis flower.

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