Michigan Pure Med (MPM) gets approval for Cannabis Licenses

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DETROIT, Nov. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Michigan Pure Med (MPM) received Step 1 prequalification-approval for its fourteen (14) subsidiaries representing forty-five (45) licenses, from the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation (BMMR) at Michigan’s Department of Licensing &Regulatory Affairs (LARA). MPM’s thirty-four (34) Class-C Cultivation licenses, nine (9) Retail and two (2) Processing licenses position it to be the leading cannabis producer in Michigan.

In early 2019, MPM expects to open several retail outlets to serve over 350,000 registered patients and caregivers. Over the next 12-18 months, as the market continues to expand with the passage of Proposition 1 (Recreational Initiative), MPM will continue to develop its retail footprint.

Construction has already begun on MPM’s Manufacturing and R&D campus in Marshall, MI where MPM will operate a state-of-the-art, controlled environment agriculture (CEA) greenhouse. The master plan is for 1,175,00 square feet, giving MPM the ability to scale operations incrementally to meet the increasing demand in the Michigan market.

“We’re in this business to strip away the bias and celebrate the quality of life that cannabis can provide,” says MPM’s CEO Michael Elias.

Investors will be excited to learn that MPM is a vertically integrated operation — MPM will grow, process and sell cannabis at its own retail locations as well as wholesale distribution to Michigan provisioning centers. The company will run at scale, using LEAN production – a tried and tested business management philosophy that delivers world class quality by driving operational efficiency, reducing costs and designing each core service exactly to customer needs.

Consistent with Lean manufacturing principles, MPM’s facility will meet cGMP standards, ensuring products are safely produced and handled according to consistent quality measurements that meet food and drug standards.  MPM is deeply committed to consumers having safe and quality cannabis products across the great state of Michigan.

Elias articulates MPM’s mission this way, “Through a commitment to operational excellence and innovation we will offer a wide range of human-centered, purpose-driven cannabis products that will improve and enhance the everyday for as many people as possible.”

About Michigan Pure Med: MPM is Michigan’s leading pharmaceutical medical cannabis company, featuring the latest agri-technology, state-of-the-art processing facilities, and providing patients with premium products, safe access and individualized services across the state.

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