Medical Cannabis Dispensary Ordinance approved in Nevada City

Citizens of Nevada City gathered to assess whether or not a new ordinance regarding their town’s medical cannabis dispensary regulations.

Among a standing room only crowd Nevada City commissioners weighed comments and answered questions from concerned citizens on both sides of medical marijuana. Motion to approve the ordinance was made by commissioner Stuart Lauters, it passed 4-0. The ordinance for medical marijuana was approved with five relevant changes to be applied:

  • Expanding the allowable zoning to include local businesses, general business, and light industrial but excluding the historic district altogether.
  • Background checks won’t be forced on dispensary employees.
  • Child-proof packaging on all products specifically infused edibles.
  • Removing a limit on dispensaries to just one.
  • Expanding the applicant ranking system to 1600 points.

During the wide public debate many across a vast spectrum of ages spoke out about how they use cannabis in support of the ordinance. Issues such as children getting their hands on cannabis because of legality came up but the point was made that if a child wants to acquire cannabis they will probably not go to a state-run dispensary for it. The council will continue this public conversation in the next two City Council meetings and encourage the community to get involved.

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