New Leaf Precision Ag Gives Cannabis Growers Real-Time Dashboard View of Plant Health

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Easy-to-use system helps indoor cannabis cultivators increase yields, reduce costs and maintain product consistency crop after crop.

PORTLAND, Ore. – March 19, 2019 /Canna Newswire/ – New Leaf Precision Ag, Inc. ( today announced the release of its VitalSense™ Dashboard, helping cannabis growers grow more, waste less, and maintain consistency. With its combination of a simple interface for viewing plant health data and the ability to see that data over time, New Leaf Precision Ag delivers actionable intelligence that makes a real difference across all facets of a cannabis grow.

For years growers in traditional agriculture have used precision agriculture to help protect farm profits. By miniaturizing the scale, New Leaf Precision Ag delivers key data-driven precision ag benefits to cannabis growers at a fraction of the cost. Most growers measure indirect conditions affecting the grow room such as light, temperature, humidity, and CO2, among others. VitalSense uses multispectral sensing that sees health of the canopy directly by measuring the way plants reflect light across many different wavelengths of light. These measurements are processed using New Leaf Precision Ag’s proprietary algorithm that’s based on the industry-standard Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). The resulting VitalSense plant health data generates the first-ever actionable daily insights – purpose-built for indoor cannabis grow operations.

“After helping traditional row-crop growers over several crop cycles, the team at New Leaf Precision Ag shifted to cannabis cultivation, spending more than a year working closely with cannabis growers to understand exactly which insights equip growers to make mission-critical decisions about their cannabis crops,” said Ian Schray, CEO of New Leaf Precision Ag. “The growers we work with are blown away by how useful VitalSense Dashboard data is for understanding the effectiveness of their growing methods and forecasting crop output very early in the crop cycle. VitalSense is the first technology for cannabis cultivation that packages the key benefits of large-scale precision ag and delivers it at the scale, price and utility needed for the modern indoor grow operation.”

Key features of the VitalSense Dashboard include:

  • See the whole crop with an intuitive top-down view
  • Easily change view backwards and forwards in time for complete understanding of grow cycle health
  • See progress of individual zones over time with data-rich graphs
  • Chart progress of individual zones over time using a click-to-select graph
  • View individual zone plant health data in a raw form

The VitalSense Dashboard is now available to all indoor cannabis growers worldwide. A demo can be found at Pricing of New Leaf Precision Ag’s indoor cannabis crop health monitoring is determined on a per-square foot basis. Contact the company about its free evaluation and money-back guarantee.

For more information about New Leaf Precision Ag and the VitalSense Dashboard, visit and download the press kit from

About New Leaf Precision Ag
Portland, Oregon-based New Leaf Precision Ag is a software and hardware developer focused on precision ag for indoor growing. Founded in 2017, the company works closely with cannabis cultivators to adapt outdoor big-ag precision agriculture techniques for indoor grow operations. Its key team members delivered precision ag services and data to corn, soy, and wheat farmers over the span of several grow seasons.

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