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New Study to Explore Benefits of CBD for Veterans with PTSD

clinical study
Written by Cara Wietstock

A new clinical study has been launched by Alternative Health, Inc as announced in a press release from the company. The study will look into the effects of Cannabidiol (CBD) in the treatment of veterans suffering with PTSD. The charge will be led by Wes Clark Jr., a veteran who is passionate about providing safe access to cannabis for his fellow veterans. 


The study will take place at Neubauer Center in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida. All CBD in the study will be administered through Alternative Health’s delivery systems technology. Both Clark and Alternative Health are hoping that the results found in this study will bring even more awareness to CBD in the medical community.


“It is unquestionable that veterans receive comfort and relief from cannabis and CBD,” adds Wesley Clark Jr. “We want to demonstrate the effectiveness of cannabis and CBDs, while exploring Alternate Health’s patented delivery systems of sublingual dissolvable tablets and time release transdermal patches as a method of treatment.”

clinical study

Previously, Alternative Health and Neubauer Center collaborated on a successful Zika Virus Symptom Study. The Zika study showed that CBD was successful in treating post-viral patients suffering from the chronic effects of the virus. The company is intent on using their knowledge and facilities to serve our nation’s veterans. 


“Through this study, Alternate Health has the opportunity for substantial contribution to those who suffer from PTSD.  We are honored to provide support for our Veterans and are eager to apply and study what we have learned about CBDs in other fields of medicine toward treating PTSD,” says Dr. Jamison Feramisco, CEO Alternate Health.


Prescribing doctors are taught to trust science-based medicine. Therefore, clinical studies are necessary if we want to change the political landscape that has been built around this healing plant. Because of this, we’re very excited about this new veteran based clinical study.

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