New Veteran Owned Health Company Begins Fight Against Big Pharma By Launching Line Of Alternative Medicines To Combat PTSD

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Veterans Vitality is a line of premium CBD products, plant medicines, and community resources for veterans and first responders who deal with the physical and mental issues brought on by the turmoil of conflict overseas and domestically

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Veterans Vitality is a health company founded by veteran, Kaine “Kong” Marzola and health-care entrepreneur, Mario Gonzalez.

Marzola spent 8 years in the Marine Corp serving two of the deadliest tours of Operation Iraqi Freedom in Ramadi, Iraq with 2nd Battalion 5th Marines Fox Company “BLACKHEARTS” the most decorated unit in Marine Corps history.

When Marzola returned to Vegas after his first tour, his mind was still operating as if he were in Ramadi. Marzola experienced bars as enemy bunkers, and he couldn’t stop scanning the streets looking for IED’s. Marzola was eventually diagnosed with severe PTSD, and given a regiment of antidepressants, opioids, and benzodiazepines; a laundry list of red pills, white tablets, and blue capsules to numb the pain and temporarily paralyze the memories.

The prescriptions effectiveness started fading. It wasn’t long before the pain and anguish was worse than before Marzola was diagnosed.  “I felt like my mind and spirit were caged inside of my body, I didn’t think there was any way out.” Marzola was on the brink of suicide. Because of a miracle, Marzola was introduced to cannabis.  For the first time in nearly a decade, Marzola felt a sense of well-being.

Shortly after, Marzola quit his prescriptions cold-turkey, and began an extreme healing process through cannabis and mixed martial arts.  “It wasn’t easy though, those withdrawal symptoms are real and I almost died a few more times.”

Marzola is the case of one hero battling.  This isn’t one battle though. Millions of heroes across the world are diagnosed with PTSD and are then given pills that make the mental and physical problems worse. According to the VA, 20 veterans commit suicide every day.

“Seeing the battle at home become more deadly than the battle abroad awakened something in me – that’s why I started Veterans Vitality.” Marzola partnered up with Gonzalez, CEO of AmericareHealth, one of the leading supplement companies in the US. Together they’ve created a line of premium CBD products to help heroes and immediate family members combat PTSD directly.

What makes Veterans Vitality so effective is the quality of their products.  Gonzalez explained, “The nation’s most awarded chemists and growers have formulated our products to help the body and mind deal with PTSD and other ailments.”  Marzola mentioned, “There is already a backlash from big pharmaceutical companies that view cannabis and plant medicines a direct conflict to their profits.”

Marzola and Gonzalez have partnered with veteran non-profit organizations and a portion of all proceeds will be contributed directly to these organizations.


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