Not Everyone Loves that Skunky Smell: Understanding emissions profiles has led to the latest in engineered solutions for odor control

Written by Emily Long

Byers Scientific has raised the bar again. Since the recent launch of their latest odor mitigation technology, the Byers MT-6 Molecular Scrubbing System for indoor and greenhouse cultivation, the Byers comprehensive approach has already been deemed the “gold standard” in Santa Barbara County, CA—the epicenter of commercial cannabis cultivation in North America.

Byers patented vapor-phase perimeter odor mitigation systems have long been an integral part of the most comprehensive odor abatement plans for commercial-scale indoor and greenhouse facilities. Recent advancements in understanding the proximity of high-odor emissions concentrations have led to the latest vapor system deployment strategies, including ridge-vent application.

Now, Byers is bringing its odor mitigating expertise indoors. With data inputs from Byers Emissions Analysis assessments, site-specific volumetric BVOC emissions measurements calculate the exact number of MT-6 units required to sequester odor-causing molecules from the air. Doing this allows the system to effectively mitigate odors before they escape the site.

The MT-6 saves energy and incorporates the best available carbon media with efficiency validated to both ASHRAE 145.2 and ISO 10121-2. Refillable cartridges and facility-specific carbon media lifetime calculations decrease the likelihood of breakthrough and reduce wasted carbon material.

The introduction of the MT-6 could not have come at a more critical time as communities across the country are speaking up at permit hearings and complaining about real (and perceived) odor problems from cannabis cultivation facilities. Byers is working diligently to derive the best possible control solution at the required scale of operation to help cultivators and their communities coexist peacefully.

To promote the efficiency and sustainability of commercial-scale cannabis operations, Byers Intelligent Systems also developed a proprietary remote control monitoring and inspection system that utilizes their Cloud-based IoT/SCADA platform. This smart technology integrates into every Byers odor mitigation system. It proves compliance with permit-contingent odor abatement plans for cultivation by removing odor subjectivity and coinciding liability issues.

While a properly scaled Byers MT-6 deployment is a game-changer, the Byers patented vapor-phase system provides additional odor mitigation support with a ridge-vent odor neutralizing curtain on the exterior of the cultivation facility. The active chemistry taking place along the facility’s exterior deploys natural plant-based terpenes engineered to target cannabis odor-causing compounds. Using Van der Waals Forces, this method effectively neutralizes nuisance odors before they reach nearby receptors. The Byers patented waterless vapor-phase system is third-party tested and used across more than 5.5 million square feet of cannabis cultivation in North America. Simply put, the Byers approach allows for a comprehensive odor abatement plan that puts the permit applicant in the strongest position possible.

Plus, with the Byers Cloud-based IoT system, cultivators can remotely monitor and control the risk and potential of significant financial loss stemming from community odor complaints. The system reports data that proves the mitigation equipment is effectively reducing odor emissions at any given time. Through this comprehensive mitigation and monitoring system, liability associated with a perceived skunky smell from nearby communities is reduced. By including Byers Mitigation Technology in odor abatement planning, stakeholders shape the dialogue between growers and their neighbors to encourage peaceful coexistence among community members. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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