Oz Medicann – Granted Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabis Research Licences

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SYDNEY, Australia – August 20, 2019 – The Office of Drug Control (ODC has announced the approval of Oz Medicann Pty Ltd license for both Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabis Research.

With these licenses, Oz Medicann forges ahead with its evidence-based research across the whole cycle from seed to patient.

This exciting development will allow the group to continue pioneering as an Australian medicinal cannabis healthcare company. Enabling the further delivery of best-in-class research to develop novel genetics and designer-strains leading to the production of world-class Australian made products that support and benefit Australian and global patients.

Oz Medicann Group Founder and CEO, John Leith recognizes this development as a significant milestone that supports the company’s vision to be a leading Australian cultivator and scientific research partner.

“We are delighted to receive our Medicinal Cannabis License and Cannabis Research License from the Office of Drug Control (ODC). This enables Oz Medicann to expand our considerable research efforts and advance the science of medicinal cannabis even further,” Leith said.

The Oz Medicann core strategy is to improve patient access to medicinal cannabis and develop effective medicinal cannabis solutions to treat a variety of conditions. To achieve this, Oz Medicann has established a number of strategic partnerships with universities and research institutions and has partnership agreements in place with licensed medicinal cannabis manufactures.

“Securing our ODC Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation and Cannabis Research licenses allows Oz Medicann to realize our vision to become a leading patient-centered Medicinal Cannabis Healthcare company and advance our mission to deliver evidence-based research, improved solutions and better patient access to medicinal cannabis,” Leith added.

The Oz Medicann Group is excited about the next stage of development and working with our partners to make a difference in the Australian Medicinal Cannabis Industry.

About Oz Medicann
Oz Medicann Pty Ltd is an Australian medicinal cannabis health care company based in Sydney, with a founding principle of ‘Patients before Profits’. Founded in 2017, the company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Oz Medicann Group (OMG). The company operates with a strategic approach and an innovative business model combining research, cultivation and education and hemp consumable wellness products. Oz Medicann’s core focus is improving patient access to high-quality medicinal cannabis and developing evidence-based therapeutic solutions for a range of applications. For more information visit:

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