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Pavate Wins First Tier 1 Medical Processing License in Utah with help of Hybrid Tech

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PROVO, Utah, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Pavate, a medical-grade processing, remediation, and retail CBD company, is expanding their operations into Utah, after securing the first independent Tier 1 Medical Processing license in the state.

Pavate, ancient Sanskrit for pure, engineers a pure, medical-grade cannabidiol extract for medical research and consumer sales, developed by a team of Israeli geneticists, agriculture engineer & plant scientists, horticultural PhDs, and a Swiss bio-chemical engineer.

From their grow and extraction lab, Pavate started manufacturing medical-grade, THC-free CBD for clients, a majority of which were veterans. Unfortunately, vets often could not find good product and/or it was too costly to afford. Coming from military families, it was important to Pavate to support veterans, and so they committed to supplying veterans with world-class CBD at heavily discounted prices, or in many cases free for those in need.

These generous efforts led them to a partnership with the VA | U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, where their products are now used in extensive studies on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, PTSD, epilepsy, depression, and more. They are proud to help with the treatment of 100,000’s of Veterans.

Stanford University and University of California Santa Cruz soon sought out the same medical-grade CBD for their medical research. Pavate has always been passionate about medical research and they are excited to be adding an additional seven major medical research universities to their list of partners.

When it came time to expand their operations, Utah was the right fit for more than one reason. With Utah recently approving medical cannabis use in March of this year, cannabis and CBD were both a new concept in this market. In addition, the state had a high rate of opioid use. Pavate wanted to be the first to bring medical grade CBD to the state of Utah.

However, getting a medical processing license in this state would be an up-hill battle as Utah is known to have very stringent laws and documentation requirements when it comes to cannabis.

Pavate turned to Hybrid Tech, a leading cannabis and hemp design and engineering consultant, with a record of winning cannabis licenses in high-contest states.

Hybrid Tech’s Processing Division, led by the renowned John MacKay, Ph.D., played an instrumental role in Pavate’s application process. Assisting with everything from refining the business plan to providing all the needed documentation, renderings, and research to back Pavate’s project. According to Pavate, the state of Utah said it was the most impressive and thorough application they had seen.

Subsequently, Hybrid Tech has helped Pavate obtain Tier 1 Medical Processor licenses in five more states across the country.

Visit Pavate’s website to learn more about their new medical grade, high-potency CBD + Botanicals consumer product line now available.

Hybrid Tech is a leading lab, cultivation and process design and engineering consultant for cannabis and hemp.

Visit to learn more.

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