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Co2 extract
Written by Cara Wietstock

The PAX team has been setting the bar for well-engineered devices since the launch of the PAX 1. Now the company is on their third generation of dry botanical handheld vapes and they’re expanding into the extract market. The PAX 2 and 3 have concentrate inserts for those who love their wax, oil and crumble. But now for the extract lovers, there is the PAX Era. The revolutionizing product makes vaping extracts accessible in a whole new way.

co2 extractThe PAX Era is designed to fit the PAX Pod, a container which can be purchased through PAX by processors and filled with their CO2 oils. Currently, there are a couple of companies in California, Oregon, Colorado and Nevada that carry the PAX Era Pods. The Era setup is just $20 too, which is way more affordable than the dry herb vape line from the company. This mode of inhaling cannabis can be compared to throw away vape cartridges filled with CO2 oils.

But the low price and novel approach to vaping concentrates isn’t the only thing that makes the PAX Era vaping setup attractive to us. It can also connect to the PAX app on a Droid or Apple phone. The app lets us personally set the temperature for optimal vape quantity and flavor profile from our cell. This allows us to access the temps for specific terpenes and cannabinoids, meaning that we get more from our medicine. The app will also let us know when our device needs to be updated and customize its vibrations, color scheme, etc. This isn’t your average vape cartridge, but for now, they’re not as readily available as other types of vape cartridges.

co2 extractGet PAX Pods From These Processors:

The Lab Colorado

Bloom Farms California

Guild California

Matrix Nevada

Oregrown and EVOLVD Oregon

To get your local dispensary to carry PAX Pods ask them to contact their local processors and/or PAX to find out how. Did we miss a company that is currently distributing pods for the PAX Era? Let us know in the comments!

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