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Perfect’s Products Receive Highest Collective Score of Any Flower Rated by Proper, The Voice of Authority in Cannabis

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Los Angeles, Calif. – Perfect, a new cannabis company offering premium, sauce-infused prerolls and flower blends, was recently rated by Proper, a nationwide cannabis review site. Perfect’s products averaged the highest rating across any product line to be tested by Proper since the cannabis review site began ranking products several years ago.

Perfect’s Happy Camper PERFECTO preroll and Happy Camper flower blend both received perfect scores of 100, with the preroll rated #1 and the blended flower jar tied for #1. These rankings are results of blind tests of 175 prerolls and 305 flower products respectively. All other Perfect products received scores ranging from 92 to 96. Perfect’s products are available via delivery and through select dispensaries in the California market.

Proper’s score of Perfect’s products are as follows:


  • Happy Camper – Score: 100 – Ranked #1 preroll against 175 rated for Euphoria
  • NightCap – Score: 96 – Ranked #5 preroll against 121 rated for Relaxation
  • Pick Me Up – Score: 95 – Ranked #13 preroll against 175 rated for Euphoria

Jarred Flower:

  • Happy Camper – Score: 100 – Tied for #1 against 311 rated for Euphoria (ranked #4 because it was the 4th brand to realize that score to date)
  • NightCap – Score: 95 – Ranked #20 flower against 303 rated for Euphoria
  • Pick Me Up – Score: 92 – Ranked #38 flower against 303 rated for Euphoria

“We sought to create the highest quality and most lovable cannabis products on the market,” says Michael Backes, cannabis expert and Perfect co-founder and Chief Product Officer. “Based on Proper’s scores, we are clearly achieving our vision. And we’re really just getting started.”

Backes has developed a process to extract and freeze terpenes – the volatile compounds that deliver the cannabis plant’s different effects – from the harvested flower, and then infuses these terpenes into traditionally cured premium flower. The infused flower is then blended with specific other [cultivars] to create Perfect’s premium “blends.” Through this process, Perfect has created products that provide the type of consistency and reliable effect that is missing from cannabis flower products today.

Perfect’s products had an average of 10x the terpene levels and as much as 60x in some cases, when tested against other leading preroll brands. Perfect’s proprietary infusion process is a potential game changer for manufacturers who want to increase the quality of their prerolls. Other infusion techniques have not been as successful at maintaining terpene levels because Perfect’s process leverages compounds produced in the plant that naturally protect terpenes.

Dean Hollander, co-founder and CEO of Perfect, says “We’re using carefully selected and sourced premium flowers for our blends, but it is our proprietary infusion process that is enabling these results. We’ve started to talk to other manufacturers who are interested in licensing the process and we’re looking forward to working in partnership with other companies to bring higher quality prerolls to market across the country.”

Proper reviews and ranks branded cannabis products in legal markets across the United States with an emphasis on California. Their rating process has the most rigorous testing process of any cannabis review site. Through blind tests, Proper’s cannabis committee compares products along 60 different data points, using their DeepSearch proprietary rating app, including attributes such as aroma, flavor, and effect. Each product is scored by at least three independent reviewers who rate products based on their overall experience and the effects they provide. Proper’s reviewers have tested nearly 4000 products from over 400 brands to date. Perfect scored higher than any other flower brand they’ve ever tested.

“At Proper, we believe that consumers will continue to get more sophisticated and treat branded cannabis products like any other product” says A Proper High CEO Harry DeMott “Our rigorous rating system helps consumers find the best products for them, and then helps them acquire those products with a minimum of friction. Perfect truly exemplifies a top of the line ‘Michelin 3 star’ cannabis experience – one we think flower consumers should seek out and try.”

Please see Proper’s rating of all of Perfect’s products at


Perfect, launched in California, offers terpene-infused blends of premium, fresh-from-harvest cannabis. Each of Perfect’s proprietary blends are designed to elicit a specific effect that helps customers feel the way they want to feel. Perfect’s products contain as much as 60 times the level of monoterpenes as leading pre-rolls and flower blends. Currently, the company offers three flower blends: Happy Camper, Pick Me Up, and Night Cap. These blends are available as pre-rolls or through 3-gram jars. Perfect’s products are available via delivery throughout Southern California and the Bay Area and at select dispensaries throughout California. Learn more about Perfect on their website:

Proper sits at the intersection of consumers, brands and retailers. Through its Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) it rates and categorizes branded cannabis products with a proprietary ranking system that uses 60+ different data points to generate a score that evaluates the experience. All members of Proper’s review committee use blind product samples for reviews. The company has reviewed thousands of products from over 400 brands in 14 states. It works with retailers through its ShopAds program to provide a frictionless experience for consumers, and helps brands through its Connect suite of services, allowing brands to reach consumers and sell on their own websites. Visit their website to learn more about Proper’s:

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