Poll: Older Conservatives and Church Goers Oppose Legalization

Written by Lydia Kariuki

While two thirds of Americans are in support of full federal legalization of cannabis, only a third of older conservatives are in favor of such a step. This means that support for legalization is likely to increase as the older generation fades out and is replaced by a conservative younger generation that holds more liberal views when it comes to both medical and recreational cannabis use.

The results of a recent Gallup poll make clear that age, religion, and political affiliation are key determinants of one’s views on marijuana. The survey analyzed data from 2018 to 2022 to increase the robustness of the analysis. The aggregate percentage of those in support of full legalization was 67%. It is important to note that this has been roughly the same figure for the last three years, showing that support for legalizing cannabis has remained constant. However, analysis across different age groups showed a marked difference, with the younger demographics showing greater support for legalization.

Here are six highlights from the survey:
* 78% of young adults support full legalization
* 89% of those with no religious affiliation support legalization
* 84% of self-identified liberals support legalization
* 81% of democrats and 51% of Republicans support full legalization
* 46% of people why attend church weekly support legalization* 32% of conservatives aged 65 and older support legalization

Support For Legalization Likely to Increase in the Future
In the last two decades, Americans have become more and more receptive to cannabis, and some experts believe that support for marijuana legalization will increase to above 80% in the near future. Is that going to be enough to move the legislators in Washington, or will we have to wait for the percentage to reach the 90s? Only time will tell.

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