Precision Plant Molecules Launches Hemp-Derived CBN Distillate for Innovative, Global Consumer Product, Contract Manufacturing and Medical and Recreational Cannabis Companies

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High-Purity, cGMP-Processed and THC-Free (0.0%) Cannabinol (CBN) Sleep Aid Bulk Ingredient Now Available

DENVER, June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Colorado-based PPM is now selling its Hemp-Derived CBN Distillate (>70% purity; 0.0% THC) for formulation into efficacious, plant-based remedies to improve the quality of sleep and life for many.

The CBN distillate is THC-free, and because it is derived from hemp, it can be sold to innovative formulators who sell their products through both the hemp and CBD market channels, as well as the medical and recreational marijuana markets in jurisdictions where legal.

PPM’s Hemp-Derived CBN Distillate

Cannibinol (CBN) has long been recognized for its quality of sleep properties.  It is one of the most studied so-called minor cannabinoids. CBN was first isolated and chemically described in 1896 and scientific literature has been published since the 1940s.

Studies report that more than 30% of the US population suffers from sleep deprivation or low-quality sleep, resulting in numerous health issues. 10% of the population is believed to suffer from chronic insomnia, a severe sleep disorder.  One study by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine found that approximately 25% of Americans each year develop acute insomnia that lasts for days or weeks.

In addition to reports citing CBN as a sleep aid, CBN has also been researched with new clinical work underway for its potential use related to the naturally occurring cannabinoid’s pain, inflammation, and anti-bacterial qualities.  CBN is often paired with Cannabidiol (CBD) and other phytochemicals like terpenes in formulating products.  CBN’s molecular formula is C21H26O2 and its molecular weight is 310.47 g/mol.  In contrast to THC, CBN has no double bond isomers nor stereoisomers.

As a trusted supply chain partner to leading CPG companies, PPM can be relied upon for industry-leading QA/QC and research-driven, proprietary processes that ensure the consistency of its CBN distillate and other botanical extracts, oils, and distillate bulk ingredients.

PPM coined the term Cannamimeticä to describe naturally inspired ways to access the important bioactive, “minor” cannabinoids that currently manifest in existing hemp cultivars in de minimis concentrations. Basically, PPM customized an existing scientific term, biomimetic, which means copying biochemical processes in Nature.

Cannamimetics simply means following Mother Nature’s lead.  It is well known and extensively researched that during a hemp plant’s growth, various enzymatic, oxidation, photochemical and other bioprocesses produce cannabinoids and other bioactive compounds, and continue to transform them during the course of the plant’s growth cycle.

PPM applies Cannamimetics science and proprietary extraction, processing and purification methodologies to bring its customers tailored profiles of cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytochemicals. Consistency is ensured by internal and third-party HPLC and GCMS testing, NMR verification, and adherence to strict standard operating procedures.

PPM scientists are currently working on techniques to extract, process, and purify the acidic and varin versions of cannabinoids recognized to have beneficial properties.  CBG, CBC, THC-V, and other cannabinoid-based products are PPM R&D priorities.

The scientific backgrounds of PPM’s R&D team which includes three PhDs in organic chemistry and plant medicine are evidence of PPM’s commitment to advancing the science and providing innovative CBD and minor cannabinoid-based ingredients to supply chains worldwide.

Every day, every team member at PPM is inspired by the possibilities of plant-based medicine and remedies, and Mother Nature’s genius.

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, considered a living legend for his brilliant and pioneering scientific cannabinoid discoveries, once quipped: “For thousands of years, the only drugs available were drugs from plants.”

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