Press Pause Project launches full-spectrum CBD products for people looking for natural remedies to ease stress & anxiety

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Two moms on a mission to share the healing benefits of CBD with others

DENVER, CO — Fri., Oct. 12, 2018 — The Press Pause Project today launched a new line of all-natural, full-spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) products with a mission to help women access the healing benefits of CBD. Based in Denver, CO, The Press Pause Project is a personal passion endeavor for two moms who have greatly benefited from the effects of CBD products and are committed to helping others discover the life-changing effects.

“As a working mom with three young kids, I was feeling overwhelmed with the anxiety and stress in life that many women who juggle careers and family experience. After I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, I decided to try CBD to see if it would help me focus and be more present with my family,” said Pause Project co-founder Dawn Fable. “I began feeling better almost immediately, and I knew that I needed to share the positive outcomes with others. We know that women are disproportionately affected by anxiety and stress, so we are very consciously reaching out to women with our products in order to help empower them to reach their fullest potential.”

Touted for its many effects on the body and mind, people use CBD for a variety of reasons — most often to increase general health and wellbeing. CBD is one of the most prevalent and powerful chemical compounds in the cannabis sativa plant, all with zero toxicity to humans and completely non-psychoactive effects. The healing properties of CBD have presented some of the most progressive natural health benefits in health research today. According to a survey conducted by Brightfield Group and HelloMD, 42 percent of CBD users said they stopped using traditional medications like Tylenol or prescription medications in favor of CBD, and several other studies show that CBD reduces chronic pain with muscle spasms, arthritis and nerve pain.

The Press Pause Project offers a premium healing balm, tincture and gel capsule.

“CBD is a powerful natural compound that’s changing lives in truly positive ways, and our partnerships allow us to offer premium products,” said Pause Project co-founder Torrey Benson. “Our belief and conviction in the benefits of CBD have evolved into the creation of this line that offers powerful healing outcomes for the mind, body and soul. We know our products will allow people a moment to Press Pause when they feel their lives are spinning out of control.”

Benson and Fable are also “keeping it real” through their own blog on The Press Pause Project website, which showcases some of the hilarious yet very real stresses they face on a personal level every day. Written with the promise of a refreshingly honest point of view, the co-founders give advice about managing daily stressors and how to become more present in a very relatable way.

“Our vision is to educate others, especially women, about the ways CBD can enhance their lives and ease stress, and to ultimately donate some of our proceeds to nonprofit organizations that empower women,” said Fable. “We are so passionate about what we do and how we do it, which is why we make a point of sharing education and inspiring stories – you can use CBD and still drive your kids to soccer practice! We want others to feel good from every interaction they have with The Press Pause Project, whether it’s reading our blog, engaging with us on social media or benefitting from our products.”

For more information about The Press Pause Project and to learn about the healing benefits of CBD, visit

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