Craftsmanship Beyond the Cultivation


A Survey of Cutting-Edge Cannabis Extraction and Product Optimization Techniques
If you missed the live webinar, you can now download it for $39.99



Webinar Agenda

  • Introduction: Dr. Jason Lupoi / Moderator of questions :10 (9am-9:10am)
  • Keynote: 3 Keys for Success to Increasing Extraction Productivity: Dr. John MacKay :35 (9:10am-9:45am)
  • Ultrasonic Extraction: Dr. Josh Jones :30 (9:45am-10:15am)
  • The Future of Extraction: Dr. Jerry King :30 (10:15am-10:45am)
  • Comparative Analysis of Popular Extraction Solvents – Alcohol, CO2, Butane/Propane: Andy Joseph :30 (11:45am-11:15am)
  • Controlling Terpenes and Cannabinoids in Flower and Extract: Blake Grauerholz :30 (11:15am-11:45pm)
  • Advantages of Chilled Ethanol Extraction: Quinton Van Gundy :30 (11:45am-12:15pm)


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