The Green Revolution: Scalable and Sustainable Cannabis sativa Cultivation




Cannabis and hemp product manufacturers are looking to create novel formulations to target specific medical conditions, or juxtaposedly, are more interested in retaining the true chemistry of the native plant. There’s no right or wrong answer here, but there are unique ways to customize your craft. This webinar delves into: the use of terpenes as flavoring agents and ensemble effect enhancers, while recognizing the lack of FDA oversight; frontier research that literally is proving the ensemble effect; limiting chemovar drift between Cannabis sativa flowers and downstream products; and the deconstruction of the plant to design products not based on marketing names, but rather, intended physiological effects.

Escalating the cultivation of cannabis is critical. To do so will take resources, and when you look at our current environmental forecast, it’s not really optimistic. We’ll need to focus on healthy genetics, relentlessly optimized growing practices, appropriate nutritional supplementation to ensure the soil is vibrant, lighting innovations designed for flower production, and majestic mountains of data to help feed us information so we can plan or revise or just have peace of mind that what we’re doing is for the good of the planet.

This webinar provides a forum in our ongoing platform to continue the conversation of scalable, sustainable cannabis cultivation.

900-915 – Dr. Jason Lupoi, Ph.D., Editor of Terpenes & Testing / Extraction Magazine with Opening Comments
915-1000 – Harry Resin KEYNOTE: The Green Revolution: Cultivating in a Carbon Neutral Facility
1000-1030 – Kevin Frender with Black Dog LED: White Light vs. Red Light
1030-1100 – Judy Daniels, Ph.D. with Soil Sage: What’s in YOUR Soil?
1100-1130 – Kevin McKernan with Medicinal Genomics: Cannabinoid Synthase Genetic Diversity and What Can We Learn About Residual THCA Levels in Type III and Type IV Plants
1130-1200 – Gretchen Schimelpfenig with Resource Innovation Institute: Low-Carbon Agricultural Strategies for the Cannabis Industry
12:00-12:30 – Q and A


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