Commercial Cultivation to the Personal Garden


Commercial Cultivation to the Personal Garden: Everything To Know About Growing Your Own
Five expert speakers explore the devotion and science that goes into growing full spectrum cannabis flowers both in and outdoors. This webinar begins with an in depth assessment of sustainable farming, hydroponic growing, and sun grown organics before diving deep into biopesticides and the inner workings of cannabinoids and soil science.
If you missed the live webinar, you can now download it for $19.95.



Webinar Agenda

  • Welcome by Cara Wietstock Editor-in-Chief, Terpenes and Testing Magazine
  • Keynote by Todd Dalotto Horticultural Scientist & Public Policy Consultant Sustainable Farming
  • First presenter Rory Johnathan Grower Support Manager, Advanced NutrientsHydroponic Growing Practices
  • Second presenter Siobhan Danger Darwish Blessed Coast Farms / Grow SistersOrganic Family Farming Practices
  • Third Presenter Matthew Gates Crop Consultant Biopesticides
  • Fourth presenter Russell Pace President of the California Horticultural AssociationExploring Cannabinoids and Soil Science
  • Fifth Presenter Ben Britton Founder and Lead Engineer PurePressure Rosin EquipmentCreating Rosin, Extending Flower Shelf Life
  • FULL HOUR Panel and Questions w/Todd Dalotto as Moderator


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