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hemp oil
Written by Cara Wietstock

Review of Receptra™ pure organically grown hemp oil.

Receptra™ Naturals CBD oils are made with premium organic pure, whole plant hemp. The Colorado-based company carries two lines of oils, the Health and Wellness line and the Active. This review will cover the Health and Wellness line, but those who want to know more about fast recovery and sharp training should check out our article with champion fighter Bas Rutten. To learn more about how Bas uses the Active line of tinctures grab the latest issue (July/August) of Terpenes and Testing Magazine.

hemp oil

The Health and Wellness oil is a basic but effective, pure hemp oil that is ideal for traditional medicinal use. Each bottle of Receptra™ pure hemp oil is infused with a unique fresh berry flavor. This oil comes in two options: Plus and Prime. The Plus will deliver 20 mg per dropper while the Prime has 40 mg in one dropper. The 20 mg Plus oils are ideal for someone using CBD as a daily supplement while the 40 mg Prime is better suited for an advanced patient.

When it comes to effects, this hemp oil is fantastic. We take one full dropper of Plus (20 mg) daily, more if anxiety or pain was hard to manage. The full dropper brings about a serenity that could be compared to waking up on a camping trip surrounded by the forest fresh with morning dew. It is also effective for relieving aches and pains that tend to nag on throughout the day. Even people who aren’t suffering from a chronic condition can benefit from CBD, and the Receptra™ makes this valuable medicine more accessible for everyone.

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