Rosin Press Basics: What Is Rosin?

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Rosin is the newest popular method used to create shatter and other types of concentrates.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of this dabbable product before, and if you haven’t be prepared to learn a lot more about it soon. Simply put, rosin is a full melt cannabis concentrate that is derived and extracted without the use of any solvents or harsh chemicals. It can be dabbed, vaporized, or used in edibles, all without a single trace of hydrocarbons. It is most commonly produced with a rosin press, which uses force and heat to liquefy the trichome heads of cannabis flower, kief, or bubble hash. The pressure involved then extrudes the pure liquid cannabis oil out of a filter bag, and just like that, you have a pure cannabis concentrate faithfully and easily derived from virtually any cannabis material.


Contrary to popular belief, this method can produce shatter, wax, sugar, or virtually any other texture or consistency, all without any residual solvents. People commonly assume that shatter is BHO-based, but it is possible to get completely solventless shatter from the rosin method. For the medicinal purposes and for the health conscious, it makes a lot of sense to avoid consuming extra hydrocarbons while taking dabs or puffing on a vaporizer. Since the jury is still out on the science there, we think it’s probably best to play it safe and avoid smoking any extra butane or propane wherever possible. Many consumers also find that rosin is easier on the lungs because it’s just pure cannabis oil and there are no mystery chemicals mixed in with your dab.


With rosin, you can still enjoy your favorite concentrate consistencies and most importantly at a similar potency level. It’s been proven that rosin consistency tests as high as BHO and other concentrates in terms of potency and terpene content, which is a big purchasing factor for any cannabis concentrate consumer. Another big benefit rosin offers is that it tends to be a very honest concentrate – unlike BHO, which is often used to purge low quality material, rosin is typically created from higher quality cannabis to create a premium product. Since this concentrate is made using only heat and pressure, it also offers major safety benefits over open blasting or solvent-based extraction. There’s no special ventilation, vacuum purge ovens, or other expensive equipment is required. Virtually anyone can make rosin easily, whether they are a caregiver, home grower, or commercial processor. All you need is a rosin press and some cannabis to make your own connoisseur-grade concentrates.

You might also be surprised to learn that this method is no longer confined to the cottage industry of hair straighteners and janky DIY shop presses. Luckily, rosin can be extracted with simple equipment, but many people are looking for better methods and presses. Nowadays, there are commercial level processors that are turning everything from top shelf nugs to premium bubble hash into directly into full melt rosin that can compete dab for dab with live resin. One of our top brands is PurePressure, which is based in Denver, Colorado and manufactures every press that they make here in the USA. In the rapidly growing world of cannabis extracts and concentrates, no other extracted cannabis product has more promise than this one.

Whether you’re looking for a new concentrate to dab, or want to make your own dabs without risking life and limb, rosin is poised to be just about everywhere you go in the cannabis industry!

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