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Rx Green Technologies Researches Flushing Cannabis Before Harvest

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New research suggests that flushing cannabis with water pre-harvest may negatively impact cannabis taste and quality of smoke.

DENVER, Feb. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Rx Green Technologies,, a leader in Cannabis nutrients, substrates, and pest management completes a first-of-its-kind research trial and taste test with Cannabis. This research focused on the practice of “flushing.” Flushing is the tactic of feeding Cannabis plants with only water for several days directly prior to harvest. Several reputable industry sources state that when Cannabis is flushed properly, plants rid themselves of “excess” minerals. Cannabis cultivators have traditionally argued that the practice of flushing Cannabis improves the quality and flavor of the inhalation experience.

Our scientists looked at the scant research available about this subject and found themselves skeptical. Stephanie Wedryk, Director of Research and Development, states “The thought process surrounding flushing doesn’t fit within our understanding of soil science and nutrient dynamics. By applying plain water to a growth medium, the water will flush any stored nutrients from the medium in the soil solution. The plant will then end up taking in these nutrients or some will be lost to runoff. Once a nutrient gets into a plant, it stays there. It can’t be removed by applying water.”

Rx Green Technologies tasked a Colorado Cannabis cultivator to apply a water-only flush to one variety of Cannabis four different ways: 14 days, 10 days, 7 days, and not at all. The Cannabis was lab tested for terpenes, THC, and mineral content. At a private event, Cannabis industry professionals tried and rated each sample of Cannabis across a variety of markers.

Wedryk and her team discovered that there were no significant differences in terpenes, THC, and mineral content in the different Cannabis samples. Most surprisingly, the Cannabis taste testers statistically preferred the Cannabis that was not flushed. These novel results suggest that the practice of flushing Cannabis could negatively impact Cannabis harvests.

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 About Rx Green Technologies: Rx Green Technologies is a cannabis-specific agricultural input company based in Londonderry, NH and Denver, CO. Rx Green Technologies delivers and supports research-backed products to commercial cannabis cultivators, a historically underserved market.

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