Scientists Will March on Washington

Written by Cara Wietstock

In a response to policy that endangers the planet and rejects solid science, scientists from around the world will march on the White House on Earth Day.

Since the Trump administration took office there has been more mobility among the masses than we have seen in decades. From cannabis to women’s rights, the new President seems to be upsetting many Americans across the nation. The scientists of the world have decided that they aren’t going to stay silent either.


Scientists have poignantly decided to march on Earth Day, April 22. The March for Science is a response to recent policy changes from the scientific community. Policy makers have rejected pretty solid evidence on critical, urgent matters. Among these issues are the very real threat of climate change and the current administration’s energy policy.


The idea originated in a Reddit thread and was organized on Twitter, Facebook, and using a Google form. Since its social media origins, the #marchforscience has earned support from hundreds of thousands of people online. Organizers are building this march in hopes of creating a nonpartisan protest. Scientists will peacefully protest for support and funding for science-based policy, science, and diversity.


Marches are being planned by leaders across the United States and internationally. On April 22, also known as Earth Day, both the scientists and regular people who believe in science are participating in 323 marches (currently) worldwide

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Do you or your lab plan to march on Earth Day? Are you currently happy with the policy on coal use, or the administration’s public stance on global warming? That’s what the comments are for, let it out.



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