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ARCATA, Calif., May 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Cannabis Horticultural Association (CHA) is pleased to announce a rollout of their membership’s upgraded digital resource center. The tiered membership offers access to a wider range of horticultural knowledge, expanding on biological controls, integrated pest management, integrated nutrient management and organic methodologies. Learn more about memberships for this actively growing database at

“The membership database provides an online training tool for home gardeners, farms and consultants to enhance their scientific understanding for cultivating high grade cannabis with organic, biological and ecological methodologies,” explained CHA president, Russell Pace. “This interactive membership is built on ‘member driven content’ which curates new informational pages based on member interests. Member funding goes back into experimental research and content creation. Whether it be expanding tutorials on companion planting, cloning, cover crops or pest control techniques, every member can now take part in driving the growth of this database. A portion of this funding also allows us to increase marketing awareness for these ecological management practices for the cannabis industry.

Positive reviews of the membership services have been steadily rolling in. “Thank you for what you are doing! I very well could have lost my entire crop had it not been for your efforts. Keep up the great work!!” remarked one early user.

CHA has also added a new insect identification service to the website. “Many times a grower will not know if the insect they are seeing is a beneficial insect or a pest,” explained CHA president, Russell Pace. “This service helps empower cannabis growers to take charge of their own environment, providing a clear path forward for proper management by understanding their local ecology.” This ID service offers direct communication with an entomologist to help individuals identify the beneficial insects or pests they may have in their gardens.

Future updates to the membership database will include building out content on agroecology, permaculture, regenerative agriculture and experimental field research, all part of solidifying CHA’s position as a leader in cannabis horticulture.

About Cannabis Horticultural Association

The Cannabis Horticultural Association (CHA) was founded in 2016 in Humboldt County, California.  It is comprised of a peer network of growers and earth scientists that study the fields of Botany, Plant Physiology, Plant Genetics, Soil Science, Chemistry, Biology, Entomology and Plant Pathology. The mission of CHA is to study the horticultural science of cannabis and to conduct, promote and encourage research and education for ecologically sound management practices and to facilitate cooperation and knowledge transfer on a global scale through its research, memberships and scientific structure.


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