Cannabis Packaging Goes Tech

Written by Cara Wietstock

Intelli-Pouch will bring a simply intelligent solution to cannabis packaging compliance.

As cannabis continues to take over the world it is always surprising to meet a staunch opponent to legalization. When asked about their preferred stance on cannabis there are generally two reasons cited. Many believe that the plant shouldn’t be legal until there are DUI laws catch up to cannabis law. Other opponents disapprove because they fear children will get their hands on cannabis candies or flower products. Packaging companies are pursuing the answer to the latter with childproof pouches made specifically for the cannabis industry.


American Pouch Converters, Inc. has officially released their technologically advanced completely non-intrusive child-proof packaging and they’re made and manufactured in the United States. They are confident that the introduction of this packaging solution will shift with the seemingly constant changing tides of cannabis regulations. The innovative packaging named the Intelli-Pouch, is designed to fit into the Intelli-System alongside the Intelli-Tag which serve as a full track and trace platform with product authentication.

“Intelli-Pouch gives cannabis companies the ability to close the communication gap with consumers, by allowing brands to fully customize, not only the physical pouch but the depth at which the consumer can engage with your brand. Consumers want transparency and instant access to every step of the process. Brands want safety, compliance and brand loyalty and “Intelli-Pouch” brings them together in one application,” explained Co-Founder and COO Jim Andrasic.

Andrasic and the team at American Pouch Converters, Inc. wanted to engage companies in a unique approach to cannabis packaging that allows some control over the product even after distribution. They were set on providing child and product safety, traceability from seed to sale, and even consumer engagement to the entire cannabis community from the cultivator to the consumer. Intelli-System can also facilitate any recalls, integrate with any current RFID system, verify a product, and more.

So, how does it work? Every Intelli-Pouch has a unique Cryptographically Secure GS-1 serialization code. It will also be outfitted with Anti-Counterfeit protection so that consumers can trust their products. Each smell proof bag can also be made with a certified child-resistant closure to help manufacturers and processors remain compliant in any state. And of course, they can all be customized with logos and artwork specifically to fit our brand. American Pouch Converters make the Intelli-Pouch in gram, eighth, ounce, and 2-ounce sizes but can customize right down to the size for each and every customer.

This unique packaging solution serves both the consumer and the industry, making it a true and welcome disruption in the cannabis industry as we know it.

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Cara Wietstock

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