Ten Premium Brands, representing over 40 Million products in market annually, now use Lucid Green to drive trust and transparency to their Consumers

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Premium Brands understand the value of their Brand and how Lucid Green is accelerating their direct connection with consumers

NEW YORK, May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Lucid Green Inc., is the leading Cannabis trust and transparency platform that delivers vital product usage, safety and feedback information to consumers. This innovative platform aligns all stakeholders: from Brands to Dispensaries and Budtenders, delivering granular product information that enables Consumers and Patients to have the safest, most consistent and enjoyable cannabis experience with the product in their hand. By simply scanning the Lucid Green product code on a package with a smartphone camera, Lucid Green provides Consumers access to rich item specific data, instantaneously – including dosage guidance, potential effects, full batch-specific test results, and more, while also earning Brand loyalty rewards.

“Brands like Binske, Bhang, Cresco Labs, Foria, Gold Flora, IHP, Ionic and Wana have raised the bar for trust and transparency in the Cannabis industry, ensuring that their Consumers have all the information they need to safely consume cannabis. With Lucid Green integration, there is no longer any excuse for Consumers or Patients to ever have a poor product experience,” says Larry Levy, Co-Founder and CEO. “Everyone knows how to take a photo with their phone – just aim your phone at the product in your hand and click on the link!  It’s like having the most knowledgeable budtender in the world guide you through your cannabis experience. We started Lucid Green with a simple mandate: To create a standard that drives trust, transparency and guidance in cannabis,” added Paul Botto, Co-Founder and President.

BHANG CMO, Samantha Collins said, “Bhang has always been a leader in testing and transparency. We are excited to work with Lucid Green to make this information more accessible to consumers and Budtenders.”

“At Foria we understand that what really differentiates our brand is the quality of our ingredients and our unflinching focus on providing the best possible consumer experience from purchase through consumption.  Lucid Green’s technology plays an integral role in our ability to deliver our brand message as well as much needed guidance and transparency to the marketplace,” said FORIA co-CEO, Jon Brandon.

Noah Holcomb, VP – Retail Operations for Gold Flora said, “Gold Flora is proud to be one of the very few vertically integrated Cannabis Companies that is in 100% compliance with all California mandatories. We are excited to partner with Lucid Green in a continued effort to help educate the consumer on the benefits of buying legal and helping them understand exactly what they are consuming. We feel that Lucid Green is the perfect platform to help us accomplish this, and we are excited to integrate their technology into our retail brand.”

IONIC BRANDS Chairman and CEO John Gorst states “In an effort to craft the finest quality products on the market and provide our Customers with true and accurate information, we have paired our Ionic Certified Clean program with Lucid Green’s trust and transparency platform.”

About Lucid Green

Lucid Green was founded in early 2018 by data veterans, Paul Botto and Larry Levy to create a standard that drives trust, transparency and guidance in the cannabis retail environment. Lucid Green is a revolutionary data platform that gives brands a direct-to-consumer/budtender communication channel while incentivizing brands and their suppliers to provide accurate and timely product information. Lucid Green’s complete transparency gives consumers full disclosure into all aspects of the product’s quality and authenticity, testing results, professional and peer reviews, along with usage recommendations and dosage tracking; all in one place.

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