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Terpenez is an essential oil or terpene profile enhancer for commercial growers. It is produced by Solis Tek, a prominent manufacturer of lighting systems for commercial cannabis growers. What attracted us to try Terpenez was a recent study that found no heavy metals to be present in the solution.  Additionally,  it has been formulated to be a 0-0-0 product, meaning it is free of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium (NPK). This translates to the fact the adding this product to your plants won’t disrupt the pH of your soil. We also liked that it contains only steam-distilled, plant-derived ingredients and boosts resistance to pests. As customers of Solis Tek’s lighting, it made sense for us to try Terpenez.

We purchased some Terpenez through Amazon and used it in a test run with four Golden Pineapple plants. During the flowering phase we added about 12 mL of Terpenez per gallon of water, with a little extra boost during the flush. We also had a bunch of Golden Pineapple plants growing without using Terpenez for a side-by-side comparison.

The results from the Terpenez-infused batch were impressive. The flowers were noticeably larger and looked healthier with Terpenez, and the citrusy aroma was more intense. It almost smelled like there was a giant bowl of fruit in the room. The citrus taste was also more pungent with Terpenez, and the hints of diesel and pine shone through better than in the non-Terpenez batch.

Overall, Terpenez led to a modest increase in the essential oil production of our Golden Pineapple plants, and the terpene profile was higher than the plants where we didn’t use Terpenez. We are all about growing cannabis that smells and tastes great, so this was a nice addition to our cultivation process. Going forward we plan on introducing Terpenez to more of our grows to see if this trend continues. It does what it says, and the fact that it’s healthier than other additives is a big plus. We are fans of Solis Tek’s lighting and are glad to see that they delivered another great product for our grows.

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