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Terps on Terps from Kush Bottles

Written by Cara Wietstock

In late June Southern California-based packaging company Kush Bottles appointed Wayne Green as their Director of Science & Innovation.

Before joining the team, Green founded Trinity Terpenes, a San Diego based company that we featured in our May/June issue of Terpenes and Testing Magazine. With Kush Bottles, Green will oversee the development of all terpene based products. He will also take point on the online distribution platform and educational center which they’ve branded Terps on Terps. We spent time talking to Green about this novel expansion with Kush Bottles’ cannabis packaging empire and learned more about what the brand has in store for the industry.

At the present moment, the company provides authentic terpene formulations in the Terps on Terps shop. This online marketplace of innovatively named and formulated strain specific terpenes helps anyone find the terps for their mood. Each terpene formulation mocks the makeup of a specific strain using cannabis derived compounds that are combined using a genomic understanding of the plant. That is why these terpenes can take us to destination all their own.

Carefully crafted Terps on Terps are each named after a destination based on the feelings and aromas induced by each terpene profile. The aromatics of each cultivar were hand chosen to bring on the airs of a city in a legal adult-use state. This isn’t just a fun approach to labeling, it allows someone who might be new to the plant to gain some insight on which terpene profile might be right for them without reading a manual about cannabis genetics. Let’s take a look at the current line in the marketplace.

Choose Your Destination



Corvallis ACDC Px

Portland ACDC

Seattle Pineapple Express

Denver Sour AK

Durango Watermelon OG

Humboldt Blueberry OG

San Diego Kalashnikova

San Francisco Jet Fuel

San Luis Obispo Strawberry AK

Tahoe Tahoe OG

Las Vegas White Pepper OG

For now, we have Terps on Terps, but Green assured us that Kush Bottles has much more in store for us in the near future. Their plans include a simple mantra, it’s time to fill the bottles. But what does that mean?

Green provided more insight, “It’s the ability to have a one stop shop, which is really the motto at Kush Bottles. If you want to build a brand, not only will we provide the cartridges, we can provide the terpene formulation, and we can provide the custom packaging and brand curation.”

Well, it certainly feels like the future is now, and Kush Bottles is changing the game starting with their online terpene marketplace.

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