Testing Labs Approved in Pennsylvania

cannabis testing labs
Written by Cara Wietstock

Two laboratories, ACT Laboratories and Keystone State Testing, have officially been approved for two years of operation as cannabis testing labs in Pennsylvania. These are the first two cannabis testing labs to be approved, and both are currently working to set up their labs for full operation.

The labs are being built out in Clearfield and Lower Paxton townships and both expect to be finished and ready for operation in late October, early November. Health Department spokesperson April Hutcheson also let PENN Live know that they have already approved 12 licenses for growers and processors. The state has a cap on how many growers and processors can be licensed, but there is no cap on how many testing labs can be approved for operation.

Temporary health requirements require that all samples be tested for CBD and THC potency as well as moisture content, solvents, and pesticides. Both laboratories that are soon to be up and running in Pennsylvania have very different but equally as effective approaches to cannabis science.

ACT Laboratories is a Michigan-based corporation that has been developing cannabis testing lab methods for about five years. They also hold one of the only two licenses to operate a testing lab in the state of Illinois. ACT is currently working on getting approved by the state of Michigan. The internationally accredited lab is looking a bit more large scale than Keystone State Testing.  

Keystone State Testing is being established down the way from the Health Department and was founded by Kelly Greenland, a scientist who has seen the plant do wonders on those closest to her. She plans to employ just six at the space and build it out with 360° windows to encourage young people to get involved with the sciences.

These first two approved testing labs serve both the large scale and the artisanal small-batch crowd, respectively. Both have a focus on providing the medical cannabis patients in the state with valid, trustworthy test results that they can trust.

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