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The Book “CANNABIS WARS,” Which Won The 2022 Global Books Award, Was Banned From Facebook And Instagram

Tel Aviv, November 2022: The book “Cannabis Wars,” the new winner of the Global Books Award (gold medal in the health category), was blocked from publication on Facebook and Instagram. The book’s author takes legal action against Instagram and Facebook for banning his book.

The book “Cannabis Wars – The Incredible True Story of the Medical Cannabis Underground” was blocked for sponsored advertising on Facebook and Instagram. This month it was published in an English edition (translated from the original Hebrew edition, a bestseller in Israel) on Amazon and declared a gold medal winner in the Global Books Award:

The author of the book, Tom Wegner, through his lawyer Eldad Aharoni, sent a warning letter to META (operator of Facebook and Instagram) in which he warned that if he is not allowed to publish freely, he will file a lawsuit in court (in Israel, his homeland).

“This is a scandal of severe censorship on freedom of speech,” says Tom Wegner; “the book conveys real stories of medical cannabis patients and their families, who demand an urgent change in the global cannabis policy, which prevents many patients from acute medical treatment. Social networks prevented me from advertising this book and its testimonies as if they were being used as a censor on behalf of pharmaceutical companies, who are afraid of change. I intend to take legal action against this gagging.”

The book “Cannabis Wars” includes the personal stories of dozens of activists, patients, and professionals who shared their stories and knowledge with Wegner’s book.

From an underground movement of selfless angels to world-renowned doctors and researchers who sacrificed their names and livelihood for the good of others, Cannabis Wars gives a unique, never-seen-before glimpse into the medical world’s backyard: the draconic cannabis laws and their infuriating consequences, the special interest groups backing them, and the lives of those willing to pay a heavy price to help strangers in need.

Cannabis Wars gives a powerful voice to those previously unheard. The book tells the authentic story of a devoted community fighting for its existence – men and women, cancer and epilepsy patients, parents of children on the autistic spectrum, pain syndromes patients, PTSD and shell-shocked veterans, and their awe-inspiring selflessness in the face of impossible circumstances.

In a warning letter to META, Wegner’s lawyer, adv. Eldad Aharoni wrote, “To my client’s surprise, your company refused to publish the book on both Facebook and Instagram, even though its content deals with human stories of patients with serious diseases, and there is nothing in its publication that deviates from the provisions of the law.”

Moreover, not only was the sponsored promotion of the book not approved, but for an unknown reason, Wegner’s ad account was utterly disabled for global use. This boycott makes little logic and smells strongly of gagging and foreign interests. Beyond that, it causes disproportionate harm to my client’s freedom of expression and occupation and my client’s ability to advertise for himself and his clients.”

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