The Magical Symbiosis of Cannabis, Botanical Wellness, and Concentration 2021

In our modern world, we have all sorts of medicinal and technological advances. You can monitor your sleep via your smartphone, answer to the ominous sound of your doorbell when you’re not even home, buy home genetic editing kits, and if you’re swimming in cash and have grown tired of the things to do on land or sea, you can even vacation in the upper reaches of Earth’s atmosphere.

Many of these advances have helped humankind prosper in some way, but some examples have been detrimental to our success, our health, and our quality of life. The pharmaceutical industry provides a two-headed example of global cures and squashed diseases versus widespread tragedies like the addiction to opioids and lab-created drugs that offer a dizzying vortex of side effects that pretty much take up most of the TV commercials. The good news is that rational people recognize this and have begun a collective march back to our roots, quite literally, as botanically derived wellness products continue to be researched, purchased, and ingested.

Mushrooms and elderberries and algae exemplify our surging interest in Earth’s flora for medicinal benefit and opportunities for botanical extraction, but the dulcet empress of today is Cannabis sativa. There’s a reason why vast throngs of humans are returning to the plant that our ancestors knew for what likely amounts to many millennia. Our interest in becoming reacquainted with the ancient plant is wonderfully visible in the scientific literature instead of clandestine labs that erected some of the first pillars in the list of things that we currently know.

This is our world at Terpenes & Testing Magazine and Extraction Magazine — a world in which we’ve traversed far and wide to bear witness to the many ways that our modern technology can best harmonize and synergize with Earth’s ancient Cannabis sativa. While we have our freely available, digital publications to share the scientific, medicinal, and cultural details to you year-round, our conference Concentration provides a chance to gather, learn, share, and communicate with our cannabis and greater botanical community.

Concentration 2021 is currently under final construction. The conference will be held on March 5th and 6th in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a place that’s rife with newfound cannabis action. As always, the conference will focus on the topics of today and what’s up ahead tomorrow regarding innovative technology for cannabis extraction and the related analytics needed to monitor processes, product quality, and the chemistry of desired end products. And while we love to look ahead into the world of tomorrow, our conversations will be harmonized with an homage to tradition.

This year, we are taking our conference agenda to the next level, moving beyond some of the basics of cannabis extraction and analytical testing such that we can provide a deeper discourse into the relevant matters that cannabis extractors, laboratory staff, and ancillary equipment vendors seek knowledge on to make their businesses better and more profitable. Through Concentration 2021, we aim to catalyze the validity of our industry by discussing how we can continuously evolve as an industry such that notions of Reefer Madness become nothing more than obsolete, disproven history. Like spokes converging at the center of a vast, impactful wheel, we invite all of you to join us, learn with us, educate with us, and network with us by bringing your expertise and questions and ideas to Concentration 2021.

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Jason S. Lupoi, Ph.D.

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