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The Terpene Store launches new Enhancers line

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Los Angeles, CA – The Terpene Store has had their famous Skunkify™ product on the market for over four years and has decided to expand their Enhancers line to give customers more choices to precisely tune their flavor. Skunkify™ is a terpene enhancing solution that has an intense skunky aroma and flavor. The Skunkify™ product is one of The Terpene Store’s top selling products and is the inspiration for a whole new line of Enhancers.

The new Enhancers include Hazify, Kushify, Gasify, Milkify and Dankify. These products are designed to add those certain flavor notes that are essential to cannabis. These are highly concentrated and must be mixed with other terpenes before adding to the final product. A little goes a long way and each of these new Enhancers elevate existing terpene profiles. With the new Enhancer line, companies can upgrade their flavor for as little as one cent per product.

Consumers are looking for hazy, kushy, gassy, milky, danky and skunky notes. The Enhancers are more powerful and potent than most other terpenes on the market right now. With new legalized adult-use cannabis markets in Connecticut, New Mexico, New York and Virginia, the demand for terpenes is growing. The demand and need for terpenes gives consumers and businesses the opportunity to enhance their products. The Terpene Store delivers nationwide and internationally.

“Personally, I am more than excited to introduce this Enhancer line to the industry. The reactions I’ve gotten from some early samples at a few events have been nothing less than explosive!

These Enhancers really blow people’s socks off and I can’t wait to see the impact we will have on the entire cannabis and hemp industries.” – Gary Sanders, Director of Sales, The Terpene Store

The Terpene Store, one of the original flavor-houses, has been pioneering the industry and working with top brands for over six years. They have a wide variety of over 200+ terpene flavors and can custom formulate for any scale company large to small. All their products are third party tested and created in our ISO 7, Class 10,000 Clean Room. The Terpene Store uses 100% premium food grade ingredients that DO NOT include any PG, VG, PEG, MCT or other fillers.

Several other terpene companies outsource their production to a single white label manufacturer. The Terpene Store is one of the only companies that formulates and manufactures in-house. Based in Los Angeles, they are a family-owned-and-operated business with over 20+ employees that are hard at work to serve their clients. The Terpene Store products can be found in lotions, candles, sprays, beverages, beers, hemp, CBD, vape cartridges, pre-roll joints and much more.

The Enhancers are available to purchase online. For wholesale inquiries you can call 855-837-7363 or email


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