The Willows Farms Has been Awarded Conditional Approval for Five Cannabis Licenses

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MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica – April 8, 2019 /Canna Newswire/ – The Willows Farms Limited recently received a green light to start business, as they were awarded their conditional approval for five licenses from the Cannabis Licensing Authority.  The company is on a mission to help diversify Jamaica’s economic base. Jamaica is set to emerge as an indigenous leader in the medical cannabis space. Consequently, the country is perfectly positioned with a spotlight on producing safe and effective high-grade cultivars for future exports worldwide.

Due to the international expansion of medicinal cannabis, The Willows Farms welcomes the opportunity to introduce our initiative to strategic partners. The objective is to forge an alliance of integrity that supports a systemic framework to diversify wellness.  This benefit is certain to enable monetization opportunities within branding license, land segments, and community infrastructure.

“We’re thrilled to be part of a select group of businesses who can participate in the early-stages of the legal medical cannabis market in Jamaica,” said Monique Drayton, the Director of Communications for The Willows Farms.  While Jamaica has been known for many cultural sentiments, its ideal atmospheric conditions are prime for this agricultural pursuit.

The Cannabis Licensing Authority issued The Willows Farms the following licenses:

  • Cultivator’s License (Tier 3) (Over 5 acres)
  • Processing License (Tier2) (> 200 sq. meters)
  • Research & Development (Experimental) License
  • Retail (Herb House – Without Facilities for Consumption) License
  • Transport License

“The Cultivator’s License Tier 3 is particularly important, because we have over 500 acres of land that we’ve earmarked to use in the development with a significant portion being dedicated to grow medical cannabis. We’re actively seeking experienced partners who are ready to harness this seismic venture right away,” added Monique Drayton. The Willows Farms plans to serve various purposes for educational opportunities, economic growth with a sustainable trading base, and strategic wellness training programs conducive to safe learning environments.

Despite the number of competitors entering the cannabis market, The Willows Farms is appropriately positioned to be a premier producer. The strength of Jamaica’s tourism market, through historical intention and interest, has been the conduit of successfully attracting attention to produce high grade cannabis cultivars. As a result, The Willows Farms is excited to support this health & wellness endeavor byway of adding a strong presence to Jamaica’s already culturally rich community.

The Willows Farms has assembled a network team of qualified professionals and invaluable resources. This therapeutic business model has been strategically designed to collaborate with universities to generate optimal opportunities for students interested in pursuing the cannabis industry’s research and development process. With the conditional approval and usable land space, The Willows Farms is currently making provisions to start operations in this rapidly evolving market. The legalization of medical cannabis has provided an unprecedented platform for licensed cannabis businesses to finally reach previously under-served, prescribed patients. With that, the fundamental goal is to successfully establish a credible, international brand focused on creating new jobs to facilitate financial freedom for the systemic roots of Jamaica.

About The Willows Farms Limited
The Willows Farms is proud to be a conditionally approved medical cannabis cultivator, processor, transporter, research & developer, and retailer. We are committed to producing a high quality product with valued integrity cultivated by local farmers and grown in the most natural, tropical atmosphere. Moreover, we strive to ensure that it is available to prescribed patients who are in need of accessible and affordable medical cannabis. Our strengths run through our bloodline to help drive research and innovation, create jobs across the island, and bring international investments that will fuel the growth and development of the economy. For more information visit

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