The+Source’s 10 Days of Freedom Celebration

By Heather Ritchie

Las Vegas, Nevada’s The+Source, a premiere dispensary, is kicking off July with a grand celebration for ten days from July 1-10, 2018. It’s a culmination of events as July 1 marks the one-year anniversary for Nevada’s legal recreation cannabis sector and the time when the dispensaries first opened. July 4, of course, is our country’s celebration of independence from England, and July 10 is a day for celebrating cannabis concentrates.

The+Source’s mission is to provide a clean, comfortable, compassionate, safe, and respectful environment for their customers and patients to affordably and easily obtain a variety of wellness services and products. The dispensary understands how crucial it is to helping patients heal, so they offer a wide range of wellness programs. The+Source is dedicated to helping patients become educated and giving them respect and encouragement regarding their initiative to enhance health and wellbeing.

Patient and Customer Support is of the Utmost Importance

Many patients and customers are new to the legal cannabis industry and need guidance navigating the endless chemovars and products available. The+Source understands the importance of being an all-encompassing resource for everything cannabis. Gaining their customer’s trust is paramount.

Dan Zarrella, The+Source’s Director of Marketing, said it was great that the anniversaries they are celebrating fall in the timeframe that they do because it allows for more people to partake in the festivities since people may be celebrating the holidays at different times during the ten days. Dan came to the company from the tech world, and love’s the fact that there is so much to learn and explore in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Their business opened up when only medical cannabis was legal with locations in Henderson and Las Vegas. On July 1, 2017, the Las Vegas location started recreational sales while the Henderson location remained strictly medical until October 1, 2017. Medical patients comprised the company’s core business, but recreation customers are also integral to overall sales.

Hope for the Future

Dan has seen that the plant has brought people closer together, and provided hope in situations that otherwise would have further devastated families and patients. One of his favorite stories was of a couple who came into the dispensary and, during the survey that they give their patients, he asked if they had used cannabis continuously or were their long breaks in between their use. They said that they had smoked it back in high school because they considered themselves hippies but eventually the couple had to do the “adult thing” like starting careers and a family, so they stopped.

Then the husband was diagnosed with cancer, so he used cannabis to help with the symptoms from both the disease and the treatments. Then the wife started laughing. Of course, this was a little bewildering considering the sadness of the story, but she told him that since it was around, she smoked cannabis too. In what could have been one of the hardest times in their life, cannabis joined them together and even gave them some happiness to help get them through tough times. A growing trend is that people like this are considered wellness users who consume the plant as part of self-care.

During the 10 Days of Freedom, there will be specials and sales. The+Source is even unveiling a new product, Prismatic. It’s a CO2 extract they’ve created based off of customer feedback. It’s unique because they’ve removed the activation process but added a few steps to create a superior product that has an unbelievable terpene profile.

Dan used the word “excited” to describe his passion for the industry and the things still left to learn about cannabis because it best represents how he feels about the cutting-edge technology developing in the marketplace. He mentioned the patent that the U.S. government holds on CBD and said that is was absolutely indicative of the healing promise the plant holds.

Proactive vs. Reactive   

When asked about challenges that the company has faced, Dan replied that challenges weren’t necessarily a bad thing. They can be viewed as learning opportunities so instead of being reactive once a problem arises, being proactive is critical. The+Source continually askes how they can improve the consumer’s experience. This way of thinking is vital to businesses achieving success in the cannabis industry and ensures that their customers can have the best products and experiences.

So, head to Las Vegas and visit The+Source for what will celebrate our freedom to chose and the liberty of our country. It promises to be a fun time.