Top 5 CBD Oil Benefits

cbd oil benefits
Cara Wietstock
Written by Cara Wietstock

From canines to humans, these are what we’ve found as the best common uses for CBD.

Each and every one of us know our share of amazing stories about CBD oil benefits and what he product has done for people across the world. People listen to these tales in wonder, thinking of how taking hemp oil or using a CBD-enriched topical balm or salve might enrich their own lives. Well ponder no more, readers, these are five of the top tried and true ways that we have or currently use CBD.

  1. For the Pets

There are a couple of ways that pet owners have been using CBD oil. So far this treatment extends to dogs and cats in small doses. We have also seen some people making horse grain using CBD. Just be advised not to try these treatments without working with a skilled veterinarian, especially with sensitive animals like horses. That being said, daily hemp oil supplements can help a highly anxious dog feel more calm, which is great for any pet owner that has come home to their furniture ripped up. There are also paw puddy products that help a dog that has been on a long hike or ripped up their foot pads.

cbd oil benefits

  1. Targeted Joint & Muscle Pain

The combination of CBD with terpenes driven compounds like mint or capsaicin can provide a targeted relief helpful in cases of tennis elbow or muscle soreness. This is also valuable in cases of tension headaches and sometimes migraines, just apply the topical directly to the scalp and massage. Providing on the spot pain reduction that is penetrating with quick relief is one of the many benefits of topical CBD balms.

  1. Anxiety Relief

Everyone has anxious moments, but some of us go down into full anxiety spirals of panic. In these cases, hemp oil can be very valuable. Taken as a daily supplement alongside practices in meditation and/or exercise may help reduce the frequency of panic attacks. It can also be valuable when an anxiety attack is coming on. Just take a half of a dropper full (10-25 mg depending on the bottle) and the attack may subside.

cbd oil benefits

  1. Inflammation Based Conditions

As part of the body’s immune response, inflammation is a contributing factor of uncomfortable symptoms associated with many common conditions. Without an inflammatory response, wounds wouldn’t heal, but an excess of inflammation can lead to pain in the form of pain, bowel function, and more. Regular CBD hemp oil has shown it could help to quell these symptoms.

  1. Balance THC ‘Overdose’

When we use the word ‘overdose’ we simply mean an uncomfortable high. Some may argue that getting high from cannabis at all is overdosing, but that’s another conversation for another day. Anyways, sometimes we may dab a little to heavy or eat a few too many gummies and find ourselves paranoid, or even ‘freaking out’. In these cases, CBD can be valuable in balancing the endocannabinoid system. Long-term THC imbalance can mess with melatonin production, so those getting a poor night’s sleep might consider a regular hemp oil supplement.

These uses for ingesting CBD hemp oil and/or applying CBD topicals are based on personal experience by us here at Terpenes and Testing. What are your favorite uses for CBD? Tell us in the comments.


About the author

Cara Wietstock

Cara Wietstock

Cara began working in the retail cannabis industry of San Francisco, CA in 2011 and continued in that sector for years. In 2015 she dedicated herself to writing full-time. Her passion for the written word and deep respect for the healing properties of the plant have brought her to Terpenes and Testing magazine. She now helps keep us on the cutting edge of scientific cannabis discovery as the Editor-in-Chief of the print publication.

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  • Hello, Cara!

    Thanks for the great article on CBD! I appreciate it a lot! I personally found CBD cosmetics products very helpful. I found this great source for CBD skincare products which as they mention are involving high-tech solutions and seems to be pioneers in the market: with Cibaderm and Defined lines.

  • I have been administering CBD oil (Hemp) to my cat who is 19 years old. Several years ago he was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) which is a terminal condition. I take him into the veterinarian every few months for blood work. The condition has long stabilized and the CKD blood markers have returned to normal values. He regained muscle mass, appatite, etc. I have him on a 200 mL of Normosol-R SQ every other day. He is doing well. Having said that – he is on 25mg per day, I put the oil in a size 4 capsule to administer it. I purchase the oil (and this is very important) from a trusted vendor that can show me certificate of analysis. Unfortunately in this unregulated area, there are unscrupulous vendors. Furthermore, it is unfortunate that due to the shortsightedness that is currently prevalent, we will not have human or animal dose guidelines.

  • Nice article on benefits of CBD. CBD is evolving every day and people are actually accepting it as a good treatment for different things. I’ve been personally using CBD Oil for my chronic pain for the past 5 years. You can also add that people are using it during their chemotherapy to deal with the suffering 🙂

  • I think CBD oil is the best thing ever. After 20 min of vaping it I started calming down, I no longer felt hopeless and I actually felt like eating. No head ache, and I feel calm. It has not yet got me to the 100% where I want to be at but it’s better than nothing. I’m hoping this could help me through my hard time and I won’t have to take my medication. The good thing about CBD oil that is non-psychoactive therefore, you will not get high

    • Good morning Kate,
      Thank you for your comments. In an industry that can suffer from false claims and the like, it is important to hear from patients like you that are using these types of products to combat various ailments in a more natural way.

    • Good morning Kate,

      Thank you for sharing your own personal experience. It’s important for people to hear these types of stories, especially if they have concerns about the psychoactivity of THC. CBD-based products might be the answer. Cheers!

  • What is CBD, Cannabidiol is one of the many compounds found in Cannabis, it gained a lot of popularity because of its medicinal benefits. Is CBD legal? or Is CBD Oil Legal, Yes because CBD Hemp Oil sourced from hemp is legal all across the U.S. We offers the highest quality organic CBD oil. Buy CBD oil online now!

  • This was a fascinating read and I have to admit that I had no idea there were so many benefits to CBD oils. I am even more impressed to learn that it can actually provide benefits for pets as well. That really must make it so useful to have around the house for different situations.

  • Hi, I am one of the people who used the CBD as a medicine for my illness I’ve been suffering MS for about 5 months now and I know it’s not that kind of illness that everybody wants to have and unfortunately I’m one of those who has this. One of my friends told me to try this CBD and she also gives me some advice on how I will use this. Then I read this article that CBD can use as a medicine

  • Cara, great article. I am a registered nurse caring for patients at end of life. I started in the CBD oil industry because of a sick pet and then began using for myself. It truly has helped me stay “balanced”. It is very frustrating the myths about hemp/cbd versus marijuana. I guess that is why people like us are here to educate one drop at a time!

  • CBD oil has worked wonderfully for my social anxiety. I just take a bit each morning and go about my day, finally feeling like… a normal person or something. I’ve always wanted to take something for my anxiety but never wanted to mess with benzodiazepenes after reading about the side effects and withdrawal symptoms, and CBD oil seems to be working as a alternative to them.