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Written by Cara Wietstock

First-hand review of the Receptra topical CBD products.

The latest issue of Terpenes and Testing Magazine should arrive in mailboxes in the next few weeks. In this editorial spread, we were able to learn more about a line of products from Colorado-based CBD company, Receptra Naturals. That article gives us the perspective of championship fighter Bas Rutten on the amazing healing properties of CBD tincture and topicals. After learning more we were able to try the Receptra Naturals body butter cream and targeted topical salve. To get the full scoop we also spoke to the Marketing Director for Receptra, Lane Radbill, who explained the ins and outs of these carefully crafted skin creams. Both the Body Butter and Targeted Topical contain 400 mg CBD total, but otherwise, they’re very different.

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Body Butter

This topical CBD cream is whipped and creamy, it easily rubs onto the skin. Research led Receptra to learn that radiance in the skin begins with naturally occurring cannabinoids, antioxidants, and nutrients. The body butter was designed to help the skin heal itself with ingredients like Vitamin E, jasmine, and camphor. Soothe and balance the skin with a regular application of the Body Butter, it can also calm skin irritation and restore the skin’s natural lustrousness. I can add that from one application yesterday my hands are much softer than they were. Regular application of the body butter can lead to softer, more naturally smooth skin.

Topical CBDTargeted Topical

While the Body Butter is meant for daily application, the Receptra Targeted Topical is meant to treat symptoms common of muscle and joint pain. The Targeted Topical  CBD infused salve is also great for athletes dealing with an injury. It is scented with natural jasmine and ylang-ylang to encourage relaxation of the body and mind. While the scent is doing its work this salve also targets muscle and joint irritation. These two effects combined have made this product ideal for taking my yoga practice to the next level. I’d recommend for regular aches and pains and immediate injury, the immediate relief makes it ideal for both.


While checking out their line of topicals and tinctures don’t forget to explore the interactive test results to learn exactly how the products tested batch by batch and what those results mean. Learn more about Receptra in the newest issue of Terpenes and Testing Magazine, subscriptions are available on our website.


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