Trait Biosciences Announces First-Ever Successful Stable Transformation of a Hemp Plant

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Paves the path for the development of enhanced hemp and cannabis plants that are healthier, more robust and higher yielding 

LOS ALAMOS, NEW MEXICO, June 12, 2019 / – Trait Biosciences Inc. (“Trait” or the “Company“), North America’s leading research laboratory in hemp and cannabis innovations,  today announced that it has completed the first-ever successful stable genetic transformation of the Cannabis sativa (hemp) plant.

The achievement was completed by Trait’s  team of more than 40 scientists and researchers, led by Dr. Richard Sayre, from its licensed facility in Los Alamos, New Mexico. While efforts have been made by other researchers and companies to metabolically engineer the Cannabis sativa plant, Trait’s achievement is believed to represent the first time a hemp plant has been stably transformed and successfully grown roots and stems.

This scientific achievement paves the way for Trait Biosciences to begin its efforts to commercialize its Trait Amplified™, Zero™ and Tailored™ technologies.

“Successful transformation of the hemp plant is a pivotal milestone for our company,” said Dr. Sayre, Chief Science Officer of Trait. “For us, it is the foundation on which we will be able to develop strains of hemp and cannabis with novel traits, including our Trait Amplified™ technology. Plants grown with Amplified are expected to have more trichomes, have greater photosynthetic efficiency and are expected to generate cannabinoid yields 2x – 5x higher than conventional plants for whole plant extracts, in addition to being able to produce water-soluble cannabinoids, which have far greater bioavailability and onset time than fat-soluble cannabinoids.”

The successful transformation was confirmed by polymerase chain reaction and gene sequencing of the gene of interest, with the frequency of the transformation event being 6.7%.

Peter McDonough, Chief Executive Officer of Trait Biosciences, added “This is a major development  for Trait and for  all  who use hemp and cannabis products. For patients who rely on cannabinoid therapies to improve their health, as well as those adult-use customers who use hemp and cannabis for recreational purposes, this means they will soon have access to products that will be more affordable, have better quality and deliver more predictable, repeatable experiences than anything that is on the market currently.”

About Trait Biosciences

With a team of internationally recognized scientists who are applying best-in-class technology and agricultural science, Trait Biosciences is an emerging biotechnology leader in the hemp and cannabis industries. Its consumer technology platforms provide breakthrough IP and science which produce enhanced cannabinoids featuring predictable onset timing, superior bioavailability, extended stability and improved taste.  Trait’s patent pending technologies includes a process for generating water-soluble cannabinoids that does not rely on emulsion or nanotechnology.  The company’s agricultural technologies increase crop yields and plant safety, including ultrahigh yield Amplified™ plants which dramatically increase a plant’s natural cannabinoid productivity, and its Defence™ RNAi crop protection technology, which eliminates the need for pesticides or fungicides, providing higher quality safer CBD infused nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products.

Cautionary Statement on Forward-Looking Information 

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