Treez Software Announces Acquisition of Mister Kraken Traceability Technology

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Point of sale software now able to service full seed-to-sale requirements

WASHINGTON—Treez, the cannabis industry’s leading enterprise retail management software system, announced today that it will acquire Mister Kraken, a traceability software used by more than 130 cannabis producers and manufacturers in Washington state. Treez will be demonstrating the latest version of its software at MJBizCon in Las Vegas from November 14 to November 16 at booth #2451.

The acquisition of Mister Kraken, which is expected to close by the end of November, accelerates Treez’ ability to provide a full suite of software to vertically integrated customers. Due to Mister Kraken’s proven track record as a reliable and effective traceability software, cannabis operators leveraging Treez’s new cultivation and manufacturing offerings can expect to hit the ground running. By curating an in-platform experience that connects suppliers and retailers, Treez customers will reap the benefits of enhanced inventory predictability, integrated purchasing, and improved data flow.

“This acquisition marries like-minded software — intuitive UX, data-first mentality, 24/7 customer service, automated compliance — into a single, integrated platform,” said John Yang, Treez CEO. “Kraken’s modern, customer-centric approach to design and support is synergistic to our goals and vision for the future of Treez. With Kraken, we already have institutional knowledge built into our team.”

In addition to advancing Treez software, the acquisition will back Treez’s initial funding promise to continue to explore beneficial partnerships and acquisitions to propel the company’s vision of a more integrated, automated and compliant cannabis ecosystem forward.

“We felt Treez was the perfect fit for us. As a company that prides itself on providing cannabis retailers with more than just traceability, but solutions to everyday frustrations, we felt this acquisition would give the Treez team seniority and skills which will allow them to quickly take that experience and expand into other markets,” said John Arbour of Mister Kraken.

With just 5 employees, Mister Kraken has been able to seamlessly service its 130+ customers due to ease of use and intuitiveness of its software. A product that handles the pain points of government reporting, Mister Kraken has quickly positioned itself as one of the best traceability technologies in the business. Treez’s acquisition of Mister Kraken puts them ahead of the curve and sets Treez apart from other companies who are creating similar software from the ground up.

If you’re looking for seed-to-sale cannabis business management software to streamline your operations and drastically improve the way you do business, please contact Treez at For more information or to request an interview with Treez company principals, please contact Marylyn Simpson at Learn more at


Founded by John Yang and Shareef El-Sissi in 2016, Treez is an enterprise quality retail management software serving the leading dispensaries in the United States. Treez’s software solution is designed to ensure compliance, increase data-driven decision making and improve productivity for dispensaries in the rapidly growing legal cannabis industry.


Founded by Randy Chung, Denis Nguyen, and John Arbour, Mister Kraken is a leading provider of compliance, operations, and sales solutions to legal cannabis growers and manufacturers. Mister Kraken has been serving many of the top brands in Washington State, and has been an integral part of helping these businesses scale.

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