Veganics: Animal-Free Cannabis Cultivation

veganic cannabis

What is Vegan cannabis?

When it comes to cultivation, almost every grower that we’ve met has their own verified method. But now that there are data aggregating maps and other technologies brought about by legalization we’re able to go mainstream with more widely spread cultivation tactics.


Traditional organic farming uses compost teas and living soil that are fed by micronized herbs, guanos, worm castings and manures to eliminate the need for harmful salts, fertilizers, and pesticides in our garden. Since guanos, manures, and worm castings are animal derived, veganic growing eliminates these from the cannabis growing process as well. To close the divide Veganic cannabis farmers will use nutrient dense plant products as a substitute.


Kyle Kushman is a 13-time Cannabis Cup winner and advocate of Veganic growing. For part of this article, we referred to an interview Kushman gave to Trina Calderón for Leafly. In this interview, the champion grower stated that he believes a Veganic plant will be stronger and cleaner than even Organically grown cannabis. He also theorizes that cannabis flowers that are grown using the Veganic method grow a more well-rounded terpene profile.

veganic cannabis

This theory is based on the idea that Veganic plants are able to convert plant-based nutrients more quickly using less energy. To break down organic nutrients, plants must go through decomposition and enzymatic processes. Veganic nutrients don’t require this process. This frees up the plant to grow stronger and develop a more well-rounded flower. It is with this knowledge that we came to understand that Veganically grown plants can develop a broader, more saturated composition of phenols and chemical compounds.


The Veganic theory was first cultivated (pun intended) by Maye Bruce and the Dalziel O’Brien family. It was formulated in the ‘40s and ‘50s in their market garden. Now cannabis farmers are using veganic cannabis cultivation methods to maximize potency and aroma. Veganic cultivation is also valuable in building a sustainable industry and ensuring clean medicine for medical cannabis patients.


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