Veritas CTL-X Cannabis and Pain Study

cannabis and pain
Written by Cara Wietstock

Despite the recent hurricane, Puerto Rico persists with valuable research looking into the relationship between cannabis and pain.

Researchers at the University of New Mexico recently studied the connections between prescription opioid use and cannabis among chronic pain patients. What they’ve found is that there was a distinct connection between reductions in opioid use and patients having the ability to legally obtain cannabis. A recent article by a research team at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine used animal models to reduce both withdrawal symptoms and opioid-seeking behavior. Veritas Pharma Inc. is one company pushing the limits of what we really know about medical cannabis.

Lui Franciosi, Veritas CEO stated, “We are pleased to see Cannevert’s lead strain for pain is finally heading into human trials. It’s important to us to move quickly into this next phase of providing clinical proof of cannabis’ effectiveness, this after our chemical and animal assays delivered favorable results.”

The company has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with the Fundación de Investigación (FDI) in San Juan, Puerto Rico to conduct a human cannabis study. The study will utilize CTL-X, the Veritas proprietary cannabis cultivar bred specifically to target pain. There will be two parts to this groundbreaking study, of which the main goal is to take a deep look at the analgesic effects of the cultivar. Phase one will have an open-label in hopes of understanding the feasibility of two doses of CTL-X in five different subjects. The second phase will assess one dose of the cannabis medicine. This phase will be double-blind and randomized with a placebo control strain with 16 different patients who are exposed to various levels of acute pain. Many know Puerto Rico as one of the world’s best-known pharmaceutical production and development centers of the world. With studies like this, that will become well-known knowledge.

cannabis and pain

Though this news and the growing amount of cannabis studies on pain show that we are moving forward in the worldwide cannabis community, the people of Puerto Rico still need assistance after that devastating hurricane. In fact, The Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis Association was at the Marijuana Business Conference (MJBiz Con) to work with cannabis companies in assisting the people of Puerto Rico clean up the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Medical cannabis businesses and companies can’t receive the same government help as non-cannabis businesses. Because of this PRMedcannbiz is raising money to help ensure that those patients spending their resources on rebuilding can still afford what they need.  

To help, text PRHELP to 444-999 and show that you believe that we are “Stronger Together”.

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