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Veteran-owned GreenBroz, Inc. Partners with Gard’n Clean to Build PPE Remediator in Response to COVID-19 Crisis

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LAS VEGAS, April 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — GreenBroz, Inc., a cannabis automated harvesting equipment manufacturer, shifts gears to facilitate automation of application of chlorine dioxide (Cl02) to sterilize personal protective equipment.

Cannabis automated harvesting equipment manufacturer GreenBroz, Inc. has adapted a portion of its production efforts to provide full automation of the Gard’n Clean chlorine dioxide (Cl02) system, which can be used in healthcare settings to sterilize personal protective equipment (PPE) in response to the current need amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

GreenBroz PPE Remediator

“We were in a unique position to be able to shift our efforts to the design and production of a system which can address an immediate and urgent need in the midst of this current crisis,” said GreenBroz CEO, Cullen Raichart. “We want to be part of the solution and are excited that we have a prototype ready to go and are currently seeking FDA Fast Track approval.”

The Alchemist Trichome Extractor, originally designed for processing cannabis, has been retrofitted with the optek-Danulat Cl0gas detection advanced sensing system, which is designed to detect the level of Cl0in the rotating drum. Scott Rotary Seals provided the seal, which allows the Cl0to enter the rotating chamber. Kaman Automation designed the human machine interface (HMI) touch-screen panels. The HMI makes the machine safe and easy to use, as there is minimal contact and the surface of the touch screen is easily cleanable.

Gard’n Clean Cl0is an EPA-registered, FDA approved, OMRI organic certified and NSF listed sterilant. The PPE remediator technology is eco-friendly, requiring no special handling or disposal. The activated solution has a neutral pH. Therefore, it is exceptionally gentle and aids in retaining the integrity of fibrous material.

“Using Gard’n Clean patented, ultrapure Cl0is the only way to fully remediate without damaging or leaving a residue on disinfected material,” said Shamol Vyas, founder of Gard’n Clean. “Our best-in-class Cl0coupled with GreenBroz’ manufacturing prowess is the best way to sterilize PPE, such as fabric coveralls, masks and gowns.”

The PPE Remediator is constructed using surgical-grade stainless steel and measures just 40 inches by 52 inches by 60 inches, with a capacity of 8 cubic feet. This means it can easily be used on-site in a healthcare setting, eliminating the need to transport contaminated PPE to a larger machine on a separate floor. The whisper quiet motor and fully programmable 30- to 60-minute cycle make it convenient to use. The active two-stage filtration system ensures complete decontamination, while the Cl0detector monitors functionality for optimum safety.

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GreenBroz, Inc. provides industry-leading automated harvesting solutions to the legal cannabis industry. Veteran-owned, and committed to fine American craftsmanship, top-of-the-line machine engineering, and exceptional customer service, GreenBroz is helping small, medium and large-scale cultivators reach their own version of the American dream. All GreenBroz equipment is American made at our Las Vegas manufacturing facility. With retail partners on 4 continents, GreenBroz makes it easy to meet your equipment needs. For more information visit

About Gard’n Clean

Gard’n Clean’s innovations in antimicrobial solutions provide versatile and user-friendly choices for surface infection, sanitation and space deodorization to a wide variety of businesses. Gard’n Clean products are made in the U.S. and offer more intelligent and ecologically sensitive methods for decontamination. For more information visit

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