The Green Revolution: Scalable and Sustainable Cannabis Sativa Cultivation

With every Cannabis sativa seed or clone or tissue culture planted, Earth gets a little more emerald. It offers humankind a medicinal treasure chest of hundreds of molecules including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, each with increasingly proven efficacy, especially as an ensemble. The plant even offers sanctuary to honeybees by providing pollen and nutrition, helping keep them healthy and happy. Perhaps the sweet scent of dozens of terpenes can help lure them away from crops that cause harm.

Escalating the cultivation of cannabis is critical. To do so will take resources, and when you look at our current environmental forecast, it’s not really optimistic. We’ll need to focus on healthy genetics, relentlessly optimized growing practices, appropriate nutritional supplementation to ensure the soil is vibrant, lighting innovations designed for flower production, and majestic mountains of data to help feed us information so we can plan or revise or just have peace of mind that what we’re doing is for the good of the planet.

The Secrets are in the Sauce

Cannabis and hemp product manufacturers are looking to create novel formulations to target specific medical conditions, or juxtaposedly, are more interested in retaining the true chemistry of the native plant. There’s no right or wrong answer here, but there are unique ways to customize your craft. This webinar delves into: the use of terpenes as flavoring agents and ensemble effect enhancers, while recognizing the lack of FDA oversight; frontier research that literally is proving the ensemble effect; limiting chemovar drift between Cannabis sativa flowers and downstream products; and the deconstruction of the plant to design products not based on marketing names, but rather, intended physiological effects.

From the Lab to the Living Room: How the Sentinels of Cannabis Science Help Keep Products Safe

You don’t need us to tell you that cannabis products are under the watchful eyes of millions of people, some just lurking, waiting for the slightest mistake. Thankfully there’s a trove of analytical scientists that passionately dedicate their educations and expertise to ensuring proper product safety, and that stand guard against contaminated products going to market. The system isn’t perfect, but as methods are refined and validated, as labs increasingly value the need for compliance, and as the cannabis analytical chemistry world steps up their game, the negative side of product testing will continue to be quelled. This webinar discusses some methodological options for the analytical lab, as well as more exhaustive and relevant proficiency tests, a self-auditing tool for ensuring compliance prior to an auditor ever assessing your lab, and suggested practices for the successful navigation of the inevitable and necessary 3rd-party auditing process.

From The Gene to the Scene: Knowledge in the Grow

Consumers in the cannabis industry have spoken. The demand for concentrates, extracts, and edibles has ascended to new heights, as users look to be more discreet, intake more potent levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, and eliminate the inhalation of the toxic by-products from combustion. With increased sales of these products relative to cannabis flower, manufacturers needn’t resort to sub-optimal materials like microbially-contaminated plants for their starting feedstocks. Rather, the perceptive manufacturers thriving today recognize the importance of using top-quality flowers, devoid of potentially toxic substances that can be health hazards. After all, medical patients are relying on these products to improve their overall quality of life.

The genetics of cultivar seeds and clones generated to optimize specific phenotypic traits has been and will be paramount to the generation of stable plants, possessing unique chemistries to better target specific medical conditions.

When growing cannabis indoors, there are multitudes of essential aspects to consider in the design of the grow. A bad design could affect what could have been a beautiful harvest.

Cannabis farmers must also develop strategies to maximize their harvest through the use of plant nutrients and pesticides, while ensuring that their harvest is safe.

Lastly, the life-cycle concludes with the final stages of the cannabis plant’s journey: harvesting and curing, trimming flowers, and prepping the flowers to be sold as is or on to an extraction facility.

Craftsmanship Beyond the Cultivation:

A Survey of Cutting-Edge Cannabis Extraction and Product Optimization Techniques

Different methods of cannabis extraction abound, often with biases in one direction or another.  Most manufacturers agree that each has its benefits and shortcomings.  So which one should you choose?  In this webinar, our experts help provide the clarity essential for making knowledgeable business decisions by illustrating the main points behind current, cutting-edge techniques used in creating cannabis concentrates.

Making A Testing Lab Work

Inside insights from testing laboratory professionals on what makes these institutions work, and how retailers & consumers can ensure they’re getting the most out of their testing lab.

Extractions & Testing: Proper Practices for Successful Business Ventures

Learn the ins and outs of getting started in the extraction industry from the perspective of some established members of the extraction and testing lab industries. Those who tune in will be privy to laying a foundation within a thriving industry. Our speakers will touch all of the bases, from getting started to understanding the processes that are safest for us and patients. This webinar is an offering from Terpenes and Testing Magazine because we have a passion for educating those with interest in these respected spaces in the cannabis industry. Scientific Editor and extraction expert John MacKay, PhD. will be delivering the keynote to kick of what will surely be the start of an amazing series of educational webinars from our team.

Commercial Cultivation to the Personal Garden: Everything To Know About Growing Your Own

Five expert speakers explore the devotion and science that goes into growing full spectrum cannabis flowers both in and outdoors. This webinar begins with an in depth assessment of sustainable farming, hydroponic growing, and sun grown organics before diving deep into biopesticides and the inner workings of cannabinoids and soil science.

Our Testimonials

Hats off to all who put this together!

I have been a clinical cannabinoid physician since 2000. This is the first webinar I have ever experienced that is profoundly valuable. Hats off. This webinar should be a standard for the industry.

Laurie Vollen

Terpenes and Testing Magazine

Laurie Vollen

I have been a clinical cannabinoid physician since 2000. This is the first webinar I have ever experienced that is profoundly valuable. Hats off. This webinar should be a standard for the industry.
Terpenes and Testing Magazine