How To Buy A Rosin Press

Written by Cara Wietstock

Dabbing has already taken over cannabis culture but rosin will soon be the only way to dab.

Lovers of clean concentrates no longer have to worry about buying concentrates made with solvents because there are industrial rosin presses available for the average consumer. We can save money on expensive, individually packaged grams from the dispensary and save our lungs by investing in a rosin press at home.

Assemble At Home Press Kits 

Some people think that they need to buy a harbor freight shop press or heat plate kit plus extra equipment to make the best rosin press, but that isn’t the case. Getting an all-in-one unit is the best way to start up a rosin production system in-house. There is no need to spend time building a unit when we aren’t familiar with how they’re made up, start with something that is already assembled. Also, it is important to note that cheap shop presses won’t last for a very long time so investing in quality is worth the investment.

Quality Over Quantity

A rosin press that is made in the USA with high-quality manufacturing components will last a long time and efficiently press concentrates out of dried botanicals. It is an investment but will last much longer than cheap Chinese machinery that is just a re-purposed t-shirt press. High quality machines won’t only save money in replacement parts and machines, they’ll also press more rosin. Pressing rosin is all about yield and quality, a good press could give 20% higher yields.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Alongside the rosin revolution is the coveting of terpenes, which is why the shape of the heat plates is imperative. Square heat plates will basically guarantee a loss of yield and burn off the terpenes since the oil must travel through more heat before hitting the parchment paper. Long, narrow platens will help to yield higher and keep terpenes from burning out of the extraction. It is also important that plates are made from aluminum over stainless steel since steel has poor heat distribution.

Pneumatic Over Hydraulic

Most shop presses and homemade kits are cheap hydraulic presses that are prone to breaking down, they’ll actually disperse trace amounts of machine oil into the air as well which will contaminate our rosin. Always buy a rosin press that offers an oil-less pneumatic cylinder to efficiently extract clean rosin.

So, it’s worth spending the extra money to get a quality piece of equipment for making safe, affordable, and clean extractions at home.

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Cara Wietstock

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