John MacKay

Dr. John MacKay, Ph.D.

John A. MacKay earned a B.A. in Chemistry from St. Lawrence University (SLU), and Ph.D. from the University of Vermont (UVM), in Inorganic Chemistry focused on the synthesis of cancer fighting compounds. After positions teaching at Davidson College, Lyndon State College and University of Vermont (UVM), John joined Waters Corporation in 1983 and retired in 2017. His career has included many roles in innovative product development. While recently he is widely recognized as scientific expert in sub and supercritical fluid for extraction and chromatography in the botanical space, he is bringing the synergy from what were seen as disparate technologies together to optimize workflow.

Synergistic Technologies & Associates will be working with botanical companies to help maximize their total operations based on Six Sigma principles and practices.
John A. MacKay, Ph.D.
Synergistic Technologies & Associates
Founder, CEO

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