Noll Inc: Behind the Scenes in the Medical Cannabis Movement

By Heather Ritchie

We’ve all seen the faces in front of the camera lens advocating for medical cannabis,and we know the companies actively involved. What we don’t often think about is the critical players who act behind the scenes.Noll Inc. is a company critical to the medical industry;countless lives would be negatively impacted without their products. What is Noll Inc.’s product? Drive screws.

The Beginning

In 1956, John Noll’s parents started Noll Inc. in Southern California. They supply companies all over the country with screws for analytical lab testing machines that require motion to be able to scan samples. In essence, their drive screws supply the motion for fluid, like blood or drug IVs. They’re used to deliver anesthesia, chemotherapy, and much more. Noll Inc.’s screws have many biomedical applications. They supply drive screws to some of the major players in the medical industry like ElectroCraft, Bio-Rad, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Siemens, and Baxter.

Since 1956, Noll and his parents have seen different technology come and go,and the need for their product has ebbed and flowed over time. They’ve always tried to concentrate on the biomedical side, however. Part of their success has been the ability to forecast the next biggest trend in the medical business accurately,and Noll knows that despite their reputation as a conservative business, cannabis is the next revolution.

The Future

More importantly, Noll understands that the patients are the most essential part of this equation and for them failure is not an option. With any biomedical device, someone’s life is dependent upon the success or failure of that particular machine. There is no room for defects. They also make equipment for veterinary medicine as well. The same required precision applies to analytical lab equipment in the cannabis industry because that equipment is vital to ensuring a safe product for the consumer’s health.

As a small family-owned company, Noll’s small crew means a lot to the business,and they’ve carved out a niche in the biomedical field. The American economy is important to Noll and it’s important to him to do his part to support American jobs. He knows that as more states legalize medical and recreational cannabis, there will be an even more significant demand for analytical lab equipment and his company is prepared to meet that demand.

Noll also sees cannabis as a viable solution to the opioid crisis that the country is facing. He said that it needs to be descheduled so that it can be legitimatelyresearched to learn more about itstrue potential for medical applications.

Cannabis has a vital role in the future of medicine all over the world. While the U.S. is joining the game a little late, businesses like John Noll’s play vital roles in the health and safety of patients everywhere. They support the industry that is helping thousands of people lead healthier lives with increased quality of life.